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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wash old paint - a reliable and effective way to prepare the wall

chemical method

cleaning deciding how to peel the paint off the walls, you can resort to chemical removal methods, applied through the wash - viscous chemically aggressive fluids for removal of paints with different types of coverage.It penetrates deep into the old coat and softens it.Apply it with a brush or brush without plastic parts.After a uniform application must be given time to absorb the liquid, which makes it easy to remove the old paint with a spatula or scraper.After removing old paint from the walls in this way could, remnants of the former coating can be removed with fine sandpaper grain.

Remover - is an aggressive volatile liquid, so by working with it requires the use of personal protective equipment.It is also necessary to ensure good ventilation in the room.If the material gets on the skin, it should be washed off immediately with plenty of water.

Important!When working, use rubber gloves, respirator and goggles.

thermal and mechanical treatment

Another way how to strip off

the old paint from the walls, a heat treatment consisting in heating the old coating to a high temperature.From this it softens, swells and becomes plastic, which makes the process of peeling quite simple.For this method of construction is used a hair dryer.This method has several limitations:

  • Not all paints are softened by heat.
  • metal and stone surfaces dissipate heat, which makes the described method is almost useless.
  • When working elements may be damaged, unstable high temperature (wallpaper, switches, wiring and so on).
  • If there are wooden elements, they may char.

If the previous method does not fit your case, and you do not know how to clean off old paint from the walls, you can try a mechanical exfoliation with a spatula, a chisel and a variety of metal brushes.This method is very effective and most commonly used, but it has some drawbacks.Firstly, a spatula delaminated only allows to remove the coating.Secondly, the shearing causes surface defects to remove forcing them further via putty.Third, using a wire brush, a thin sol, which badly affects the eyes and respiratory system.

Note!The latter method is recommended only when no other options, and you have no choice but to remove the old paint from the walls by mechanical means.

Wash old paint or how to do it?

Since the removal of old paint is best done by a chemical method, we consider it in more detail.Remover is used to remove the coating, created Nitrocellulose enamels, oil-based paints, glyptal enamels, varnishes.In composition, it is a mixture of organic solvents, disintegrating agents, and thickeners.On average, the flushing action of a single layer for most types of liquids is at most 20 minutes.It is applied by brush or roll (not necessarily plastic parts).

Before applying it you must wash thoroughly shaken until a homogeneous mixture.If, after shaking it will flake, it should be a little warm in the bank.It should bear a dense layer at not less than ten degrees.In a softening of the old layer it takes about 20 minutes, after which it can be removed with a spatula or scraper.If the wall is painted in several layers and featured only the first, the operation is repeated.At the end the whole wall is washed with volatile solvent procedure.

Important!Keep a wash must be in a sealed container, hidden from sunlight or other heat sources.