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August 12, 2017 18:07

Glass partitions in the apartment - a photo in the interior

Glass partitions instead of walls in the apartment

not always come in the room of regular shape.Sometimes they are bent in L-shaped, at least one can see the T-shaped room.In any case, all these turns can be used with advantage, especially if the main part of the room, which is the bar giant letters, is quite large.In the niche can make a room, studio, bedroom, studio painter, nursery.In this case it is not necessary to fence themselves off from the world by a brick wall, glass partitions in the apartment will look much better.

Someone surely will wonder regarding personal space, as happens something like windows.However, if you select a matte version, the partition will be fine to pass light and at the same time become an obstacle to prying eyes.You can go the other way, a pass from the inside of the peel-off zones blinds, in which case you will always be able to visually expand the space or narrow it down to a personal on their own.You can combine both options, making a clear window in the wall mat


Glass partitions in the interior as a form of

design Zoning of premises, of course, is a very effective way to create a unique atmosphere in the rooms, however, to distinguish between themselves and the room also needs effectively.Decorative glass partitions in the interior always looks very natural, at the same time replacing the blank walls.For example, you have between on both sides of the kitchen and dining room, there is only a partition, the room from him, you can say, nothing is shared.But sometimes the smells of cooking food can interfere with households in the rest of the apartment.Set in one opening window glass, the other doing the glass door and the room has been divided visually remaining one.

good solution may be to use the arched openings to insert glass elements.Sami doors can be wooden or plastic, we are more interested in the space around them.If you choose to install in an arch door, does not necessarily make it a folding or closing the gaps to the wall with bricks or plasterboard.It is much nicer to be established to look around the sash in a specially prepared framed stained bands. No need to fear that the glass may break: modern technology can give this material strength much higher than that of gypsum boards .

Glass partitions for homes - the usual and unusual

Increasingly, we surround ourselves with glass: fireplaces, shelves and entire racks, as well as slides, tables, interior doors, showers screens.All this we are already familiar, and therefore is perceived as part of the interior.However, standing in the middle of a large room set-piece glass plane (which is not in every apartment zanesesh), and already there is cause for amazement.So let's figure out a way of impressing visitors and to consider several options bold use of glass elements in the design.

Stained glass can be installed RAMS rope (with clips and brackets on stretched between floor and ceiling rope) and modular way, connecting with each other.

Remember stall shower.Not original?And if almost the same, but roomier: put in the bedroom and do inside the dressing room?This option is already worthy of attention.Another interesting way to make glass partitions at home - set them behind the railing enclosing the staircase leading to the second floor, in a kind of transparent corridor.Firstly, because the spans will be safer if children are present.Secondly, if the use is not a simple clear glass and engraved with a pattern on it, it will be a great introduction into the overall style of the property.