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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to build a house out of blocks

Factors that must be considered when building a house out of blocks have

block construction has not only advantages but also disadvantages.This material has a low flexural strength, so to the house of the blocks was reliable, the foundation must be made by all the rules and guests.Also, the walls of the blocks need to be sure to cover the layer of environmentally friendly finishing materials.

Note!One advantage of the blocks - in the ability to pass the desired amount of air and moisture, so as auxiliary building materials and finish at the final stage of construction using only natural breathing, for example, gypsum, compositions.

must take into account factors that directly can affect the quality of construction When building a house from block material:

  • Choice construction technology foundation
  • selecting the block size for the construction
  • Calculation of materials

Choice construction technologyfoundation

In modern construction, there are several types of foundation:

  • pile;
  • belt;
  • monolithic.

Select the type of foundation depends of what are the characteristics of the ground on which the building will be made, and the type of units.The easiest way to consult with neighbors and find out what type of foundations used in the locality.So you can avoid errors due to individual territorial characteristics, which are difficult to evaluate without thinking.The experience of previous generations of builders will play in your favor, you can assess the practical advantages and disadvantages of the chosen type of construction.

If you trust only yourself, you will have to evaluate a number of factors influencing the choice of foundation:

  • soil type;
  • proximity of groundwater;
  • opportunity seismic changes;
  • presence of slopes and irregularities;
  • desire to get a basement;
  • depth of soil freezing;
  • estimated height and weight of the building.

pile foundation for those who are rushing to the construction (this is the only type that does not need to settle for the year).Strip foundation inexpensive and easy to use, but suitable only for good soils with deep groundwater.The foundation in the form of a monolithic concrete slab - a win-win, it will ensure the reliability of buildings under any conditions, but to create it have pretty empty wallet and use a special technique.

in the construction with the help of blocks, there is one prerequisite - the foundation should be reinforced.This requirement must be observed in order to avoid a deflection of concrete blocks.Bottom section height reinforcement should be at least 40 cm.

foundation reinforcement

selecting the block size for the construction

blocks are manufactured according to standard sizes, and in most cases this will vary from their purpose.What are the typical dimensions of the most common material, it is shown in the table.

block sizes

It is worth noting that the first type, 200h300h600 mm is the most common, due to its versatility.The fact is that by placing a "brick" on the edge, you can get the building material for the construction of the walls of the summer house, walls with insulation of residential houses or bearing walls.Lay it flat, obtain material for the construction of load-bearing walls and street walls that do not require insulation.

block size 200h400h600 mm have their own advantages.They allow a single layer to build a wall thickness of 40 cm, which requires not only heat insulation, but also sound insulation.

100h300h600 mm applied for the construction of load-bearing walls, are lightweight, do not take up much space.

Calculating the amount of materials in the construction

To calculate the required number of blocks for the construction of the house is not such a difficult task.To do this, you need to calculate the total area of ​​the walls built in the future without taking into account the windows and doorways.Then divide the resulting figure by the side of one block area.

To calculate the total amount of the block materials to be used in construction, must be obtained by multiplying the area of ​​the walls in the design thickness of the walls of the house.

Note!Not taken into account the thickness of the solution, so that the construction of the units, in most cases using a special glue, and he put a very thin layer.

adhesive consumption is usually indicated on the package, and calculate the required number of bags will not be difficult.

If you plan to use a standard solution for masonry or combine it with an adhesive, it is necessary to take into account the seams.The average seam thickness of 2 cm. And, of course, as in any other case, it is necessary to take into account a small safety margin.

What is needed to build a house out of blocks

Despite the fact that the building - it's not one day, and will take the time a more expensive with him, all necessary for the job should be to prepare in advance.This also applies to materials and tools.You will need:

  • Building blocks
  • cement and sand and / or adhesive
  • fittings
  • shovels, trowels

Avoid common mistakes beginners: to buy units at the initial stage of construction, and then buy more.Materials from different lots may vary in size, density and shape of the human factor and deterioration of the equipment at the factory.

Note!If the breakdown of purchases can not be avoided, purchase units from the same manufacturer.In this scenario, run performance should be minimal.

Step by step instructions for the construction of houses from blocks

Consider the sequence of actions that must be done to build a house out of blocks, provided that the foundation is ready and defend the right time.

Step 1. Preparations

necessary to perform an audit of the foundation plinths corners for their height.If the corners of the same height, the clutch can start from anywhere.If the level is different, then the clutch should be started with the highest angle.In order to compensate for the height difference, you can use cement or other adhesive mixes.Before the first layer of the masonry must always be thoroughly waterproofed.For this purpose, traditionally used several layers of roofing material.

Step 2. Laying the first row

Installing the first row of houses in block construction begins at the corners.In every corner of the installed blocks that are aligned with the help of leveling.This process is of particular importance because it provides equality of all subsequent layers of masonry.Then, between the corner block elements stretched thin thread, with a focus on the installation of which is made of building blocks.The first clutch is better to use not clean grout, adhesives and special mixes.Irregularities laying can be removed with the help of the planer for plasterboard.

First row

Step 3. Reinforcement masonry

After the laying of the first row should make its reinforcement in one or two rows.reinforcement process is carried out by placing in the pre-prepared Stroebe fittings.Grooves can be cut using a grinder or wall chaser with a special range.The distance from the edge of the masonry to Stroebe should be 6 cm. The groove must be prepared to lay the valve and fill it with an adhesive solution.Also in the block construction made reinforced windows and doors.

Step 4. Laying subsequent series

remaining rows of masonry carried out on the basis of the first.First stacked masonry blocks on the corners, and then all the other oriented stretched rope.If necessary, an additional layer may be laid masonry wall thickening.After completion of the work on top of the resulting wall is necessary to impose concrete and armirovochnuyu cap to strengthen the structure.

The following series

Step 5. Installation of ceiling and roof

After the installation of walls and imposing concrete-armirovochnogo belt can start to overlap and installation of the roof.The overlap can be of different types: wood, concrete or solid, depending on the needs and possibilities of the host.Installation of roof block houses is no different from the same process in the homes of other materials.

" Box " at home with a roof of blocks

It is still possible to find both ardent opponents of building a house out of blocks (especially, foam and gas), and supporters of these materials.However, they are widely used for several decades in the territory of the middle latitudes, and, if the construction carried out by the rules of such complaints is not at home.