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August 12, 2017 18:07

Floor cork - excellent design solution or environmentally friendly coating ?

A few words from the history of

Cork - a unique material that is collected from the bark of cork oak.Moreover, the first layer is removed only when the tree turned 25-30 years.It was after this time, oak is considered an adult.The process of removing the bark of its roots in the times of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

work is done exclusively manually, and the tree itself is not damaged, because the bark grows back.Live oak tree about 200 years old, "harvest" can be every 10 years.That is an average of one tree cork is removed up to 20 times.

To date, the process of growing and processing of the material is carried out in 7 major countries: Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy.And most of the mined and processed in Portugal.

Ways to use

cork stopper is not only used for the flooring, and walls, and it is used also as an insulation material.So elaborate methods of its application.

  • Flooring cork comes in the form of large panels of thickness 4-11 mm.A cork floor i
    s adhesive (mounted with glue) and "floatingĀ» (mounted locks).
  • Cork parquet looks like strips which are alternately connected to each other.Only strips often square.At a cost of more expensive it is laminate and in the same category with the classic parquet.In addition, it is easy and simple to collect and stack.
  • wall covering or cork wallpaper - allow a unique way to decorate the interior.There are baseless and paper-based.For buildings with a high level since the wax or lacquer humidity produced a special web.
  • Roll stopper - is used as a substrate and is used as "a natural insulator," as it has heat and noise insulation properties.It is used for floor and wall.Well established itself as the substrate under the linoleum, laminate, parquet, stone and ceramics.

floorings: cork

The main and the main advantage of this material is its ecological characteristics, due to which provided other positive properties.These include: excellent shock absorption, sound and heat insulation, water resistance and resistance to chemicals, excellent appearance, durability and reliability, antistatic and gippoallergennost.

If we talk about depreciation, the plug has a small percentage of residual strain (about 2%).This means that the material rapidly takes old enough thickness and virtually no changes under the influence of furniture, shoe (heel).No matter how much or transferred furniture, coating takes its original state.In addition, it is believed that this flexibility has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.

Thanks zvkonepronitsaemosti will not hear background noise, and even the sound of footsteps.Insulation coating adds comfort, because sex is really warm.According to it, a nice walk, and he will not come the cold, both on porcelain.Water resistance and resistance to detergents to clean the cork allows without fear for its safety.Well, antistatic exerts its influence in the sense that the floor will not be "stuck" fur animals "magnetized" dust.