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August 12, 2017 18:07

Stacking Commercial linoleum - what to expect from such coverage ?

Stacking Commercial linoleum - what we're dealing with?

Commercial linoleum flooring is a special PVC coating, characterized in wear resistance and durability.Such linoleum will last up to 25 years, even in off-road locations.This type of coating is thick, dyed in a single drawing layer operation.Even if from the heavy use of the layer is deleted, the pattern is still preserved in its original form.

This coating is easy to clean, has a sound insulating properties and resistance to abrasion, not only, but also to the cut, damage, it is unpretentious to the level of humidity in the room, while the problems with electricity will not hold a charge, and completely eliminate the electric shock.

Select Linoleum: specifications

Commercial linoleum is usually placed in rooms where any other covering to rapid wear and lose their appearance.For example, in schools, government offices, hospitals, offices.Few people prefer to put a steady commercial linoleum at home.But here sharply there is a financial iss

ue.Indeed, such a linoleum - not a cheap pleasure.In addition to price, the lack of commercial linoleum is a limited choice of colors and the high demands on the integrity floor screed.

for successful selection you need to understand what the Linoleum, GOST 11529-86 contains all necessary information.There you will find the following parameters: total thickness in millimeters, wear-resistant layer thickness in mm, roll width in m, roll length in meters, the total weight in g / m².Be sure to read before buying the same time, whether the chosen version of the reference coating characteristics.

Stacking Commercial linoleum - what to do?

After purchasing coverage do not forget that the correct installation of commercial linoleum - a very important point.It is a guarantee of long life and beautiful appearance of the selected coverage.Do you think that this time Linoleum, specifications on his height, and the installation will require the appropriate qualifications?Far from its styling is little different from the usual laying linoleum.

first stage - preparatory work .Clean, align and prime the substrate.Do not forget that the day before most of laying the room temperature should be established at the level of not higher than 18 degrees, so it should be, and at the time of work.Before we begin, let unroll rolls lie about two days.When the cutting is always keep in mind that linoleum shrinks from about 20 to 60 mm, depending on the length of the piece.

Directly laying linoleum stage itself consists of the following:

  • layout linoleum on the floor surface;
  • cutting edges strongly calling;
  • temporizing for two days;
  • cropping 2-3 mm from the edges and fixing linoleum skirting;
  • welding seams.

little about welding

unusual phenomenon for laying - welding of commercial linoleum.This action connects the seams without conjugating elements that completely eliminates the ingress of moisture and dirt inside, makes the coating hygienic and prolongs its life.Welding is hot and cold.Preferably it is only ensures the uniformity of the compound sheets.

hot welding as follows:

  1. edges tightly move close to each other;
  2. are removed the slots at the junction of a special chisel, groove depth - 2/3 of the thickness of the coating;
  3. traversed carefully vacuuming all the slots;
  4. heated welding machine to 400 degrees temperature;
  5. cut welding cord joint in half;
  6. cord threaded into the nozzle for welding, leaving a small ledge on the sides, end of the cord must be parallel to the floor and is located directly above the groove;
  7. melting the cord in the groove;
  8. while the material is still hot, cut off all unnecessary.

linoleum now ready for use!