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August 12, 2017 18:07

Winter frost plaster for facades in harsh environments

Properties frost plaster

Like any other mortar, plaster facade frost has its own characteristics.As a rule, they are shown on the packaging.We need this in order for you to have a clear idea of ​​what conditions it is intended.Here are some of them:

  • not form shrinkage and provides a completely flat surface.
  • frost resistance - withstands more than 50 cycles.
  • a high level of water resistance.
  • used in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C.
  • Drying time of one layer is about 24 hours.
  • prevents the appearance of cracks and creates a robust and durable finish.

Technology applying the plaster frost

plaster facade of the house begins immediately after surface preparation and preparation of the solution.The substrate must be level, clean and solid.Be sure to remove it from the old paint, grease and oil contamination.Clean can be 5% composition of soda ash.Remains of the solution are cleared brush, previously soaked in water.

Using a ruler, determine whether there are

any irregularities and deviations in the vertical (must be no more than 10-15 mm).If there is a cavity less than 15 mm, it is important to close up their special leveling compound.If a deviation of more than 15 mm, it is necessary to install a reinforcing steel mesh.Very small irregularities (10 mm) can be cut with a chisel, and then align the solution.

In that case, when in front of you is absolutely clean and smooth surface that does not require alignment, it is necessary to make an incision for better adhesion.It looks like a shallow groove.After their application is required to remove brush dust liberally moistened with water.If you do not wash away the dust or dirt remaining, then it's bad impact on the adhesion of the material to the surface.

solution for wall plaster is prepared according to the recipe given on the packaging. Typically, 1 kg of dry composition diluted in 0.2 liters of water.On 1 bag a total weight of 25 kg takes about 5 liters of water.The mixture is stirred by hand or using a drill with a special nozzle.After it was kept for 5 minutes and stirred again.When the solution turned excessively thick, then it adds a certain amount of water.

Apply "winter plaster" by "spraying".This method requires some skill.On the base with the sharpness and strength pounces mixture.It is important to be clear how much material is necessary and equally his sketching.The thickness of the layer of plaster over the entire surface should not be more than 2 cm. At the final stage, after the plaster has hardened a bit, but not completely dried, is floating.

Recommendations and precautions

Perform necessary in special rubber gloves, gauze bandage and goggles because you can not avoid getting into the composition in the eye.If this should happen, it is necessary to properly wash them with water.After work it is important to properly wash their hands and clean tools. remaining dry mixture tightly closed and stored until the next application.

is also important to carry out the work under certain conditions.The air temperature should be from -10 ° C to + 30 ° C, humidity level not exceeding 70%.The time required to dry the layer is about 1 to 24 hours.The second layer can be applied (if each of them has a thickness of 30 mm), but with an interval of 24 hours.The initial strength and reliability appears only after 3 days.