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August 12, 2017 18:07

Care floorboard or intelligently approach the cleaning of parquet

Care floorboard - why and when to start?

Parquet is an amazing material, which allows to give the interior an indescribable appeal and naturalness.On this floor will take the first steps of your children, you will be in the early morning to spank her bare feet on it, going to the bathroom, your favorite pets will bask in the sun on this floor.Imagine what a constant load tests with the material?Accordingly, its maintenance should be carried out so regularly.

competent care floorboard will allow him to give an aesthetic appearance and to significantly increase the service life.So, this flooring is able to serve between 10 and 40 years, which contributes to a lot of care of him.Implemented by it one way or another depending on the type of flooring.Lacquered coating requires the use of special measures only after 6-10 years after installation.During this period, enough preventive measures need to regularly clean the floor.You can then re-cover facing floor varnish.

In this case, you must also withstand

a certain time.The first 2 weeks are not recommended to actively exploit the cover.Of course, it will be possible to walk, but to let the newly varnished parquet animals, put furniture or permanently change the level of room lighting is not recommended.It is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the varnish, and then you can carry out regular maintenance of the floor.For parquet, floor polish factory, you can begin to take care of immediately.

funds for regular maintenance are applied, usually 1 to 2 times a month.With an average load on the floor, which is observed, for example, on the stairs and in the hallways, they can be used more often - once a month or every 2 weeks.In areas with a high degree of load to cover the special means are used so often that has always been a thin protective film on its surface.

How to care for parquet board - the main recommendations

When placing a new floor, you must advance to familiarize yourself with how to care for floorboard in your home.Sex should be carefully protected from scratching.If you have a dog house is recommended to thoroughly wash its paws after every visit to the street.It is worth and timely trimming the claws of animals in order to avoid damage to the laminate flooring or varnished surface.

the same purpose must be worn on the legs of furniture, felt tip.Particularly relevant for this measure those pieces of furniture that you often move around the room.Attention should be paid to the computer chair and having almost every home.Beneath it stretches soft plastic mat that prevents damage to the flooring surface when operating the chair.

Today, there are various means for floorboard care products such as polishes, mastics, special cleaning agents, paints, anti-slip agents.They give the floor surface clean, shiny and form a protective film that prevents scratches or other defects.Manufacturers of these funds offer formulations designed to eliminate the traces of it shoe, food contaminants, chemicals.

Experts note that the appearance of scratches and small defects contributes to laying carpet on the parquet board.Tiny solid particles that accumulate under it while walking harm to your floor.

Every day we make many diverse activities that lead to that accumulates a lot of dust and small debris on the floor.Get rid of this type of pollution can use parquet washing.

The wash floorboard - basic and tools

Parquet requires careful maintenance and proper attention, especially when washing.It is necessary to know in advance than to wash the floorboard, laid it with you, so as not to cause her harm.Removes dirt from the floor can be a soap solution without alkali or a special tool, which is called "Polish" .To prevent the ingress of moisture into the joints of parquet boards can use intended for their protection formulations.

addition means for cleaning the floor cladding, it is necessary to choose and tools correctly.So, mop for wood flooring should be soft and easy to squeeze.The fact that this material does not like moisture.That is why it is necessary to wash the floor with a slightly damp cloth.should the required amount of concentrated detergent diluted parquet Before washing in water, after which you can start cleaning the floor.

Thus, competent care for floorboard, the right choice of cleaning and regular maintenance will extend the life of the floor for a few years, and the beauty of your floor will surprise many more guests.