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August 12, 2017 18:07

Vacuums for flooring , mop and other cleaning utensils cover their own hands

How to wash your floor?

Ways parquet cleaning can be two: Use a vacuum cleaner or personally (by using special compositions).To remove dust and dirt use cleaners that are available in the form of concentrates and aerosols.

Of all the means of the best and most popular brands are considered to be a mixture of Aqua Sport Wood Flor Cleaner, because they are suitable for all types of flooring and remove any dirt, including grease stains.They can be washed covering at least every day.

also established itself cleaner parquet brand Rubi , which, moreover, has a citrus aroma.It is also suitable for daily cleaning. Loba Parckett Care has a softer structure, unlike in the past.Ideal for residential and eliminates all types of dirt (grease, dust, dirt).Oh, and one more pretty good remedy for Ukrainian firms - Glutoclean Pufas , copes with traces of shoes, heels and other spots.

purification process is quite simple: on the cloth is applied to the detergent composition and wipe the surface.Often used and sp

ecial mop for wood flooring with a felt cloth.On the sides it is absorbent cloth absorbs moisture and does not allow her to stay on the floor.It is also used for washing vacuum cleaner parquet dry-cleaned.It gently and thoroughly removes dust without leaving any trace on the surface.

How to wash parquet in the presence of paint stains, grease, wax, ink?

In the case where you need to cope with spots on certain pollutants, the parquet processing is carried out by more aggressive.For example, traces of pencil easily eliminated by solvent "white spirit" or toothpaste. paint washed off with a solution consisting of 3 parts water and 1 part alcohol. Fat need only wipe with denatured alcohol or any detergent.

dried blood is removed composition consisting of ammonia and cold water.Traces of fruits removed from the oxalic acid solution and water.You can also try to wipe the usual detergent. Spot wax first frozen (you can use an ordinary ice), and then gently scraped with a spatula. Traces of footwear erased an ordinary eraser. ink can be washed off with warm water the usual (or special ink solvent).

Some of the recommendations in the care of parquet

Of course, I want to permanently preserve unsurpassed exterior flooring, and because often the question arises - how to care for parquet correctly , to avoid the adverse effects?Here are some recommendations.

  • If the floor is first lacquered, then it is not recommended immediately to make wet cleaning.It is better to clean the vacuum cleaner cover.
  • only 2 weeks is recommended after varnishing parquet bring furniture and other home furnishings.The feet should be felt lining.
  • To save the upper lacquer layer may be further applied to the parquet floor oil or wax polishes.
  • front door is best to lay a mat that will absorb moisture and dirt from shoes.So you protect this space from premature wear.