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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warm plaster with your hands - how effective is it ?

modern variety of components warm plaster

Without exception, insulating plasters include in its composition of two components: a binder and a porous filler.The role is often given to the first high-strength cement, but in the place of the filler can apply a variety of materials: slag, sawdust, vermiculite beads.Today, the trend is reviving the use of organic fillers, for example, to work on the interior fittings.Therefore, the composition of warm plaster, depending on the location of its use, plays an important role.

effective role of the filler may also play a foamed silicon.Having a complex process, silicon is transformed into a strong and light bulbs.The uniqueness of the filler is such that the pores are large enough for the penetration of air, but insufficient moisture penetration.

Features warm plasters - thermal conductivity and moisture resistance

Before we go into details of the characteristics of warm plaster, it is worth noting that the bulking, albeit synthetic, do not emit during

operation of hazardous substances.The same thing happens in case of fire.

Returning to the characteristics, the first step is to raise the thermal conductivity of the plaster.Given that in the warm part of the cement plaster, which constitutes the cold bridges, to achieve the best heat preservation, should be laid layer is twice as thick as if to draw analogies with mineral wool or polystyrene foam.

Regarding the absorption of moisture, the modern fillers in the form of the modified granules allow completely eliminate the penetration of moisture into the warm plaster.What can be said about the cases where as a filler used vermakulit expanded.At the same time, it is easy to accept the moisture, so simple and it pays.This effect is not the first year, farmers have been successfully used.

How to make and effectively applied plaster warm yourself?

How perfectly warm plaster with your hands is suitable for cases where the walls of buildings made of cinder block, aerated concrete or hollow blocks.Their thermal conductivity slightly higher , rather than a traditional brick and additional insulation can not hurt.Therefore, the use of warm plaster allows to kill two birds with one stone:

  • on the facade of the building will not only be applied to the plaster, but also thermal insulation coating
  • moreover, at a time can be made and decorative trim.

Prepare solution for laying of warm plaster own is not difficult. you need a specific set of natural materials: clay solution (1 part), paper pulp (2 parts), cement (0.2 parts), sawdust (3 parts).Apply this kind of plaster is also not difficult. main application of such a solution is in the process of work within premises.If treatment is subject to a wooden wall, on its surface is better to fill the grid, or every 20 centimeters to fill nails.Nails need to finish not until the end, leaving some of them (about 20 mm).If the wall is necessary to make a perfectly flat, you need to install beacons.If you need to carry out the work with block or brick walls, the surface is only necessary to clean the paint and drench with water.