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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laminate flooring , piece , vinyl - how to choose the right ?

How to choose the parquet?

As is known, previously called the parquet flooring made from natural wood.They have a number of pros and cons.The disadvantages include sensitivity to temperature and humidity, the complexity in installation and maintenance, high cost, the need for additional treatment (lacquering).The advantages - excellent appearance, environmental friendliness, ability to restoration.

Through the development of innovative technologies and the improvement of production materials appeared on the market, made of wood substitutes.They have higher performance and require minimal cleaning.If you are currently thinking on the issue, - how to choose the parquet, you should consider a number of options.

important detail to identify all the requirements for the future Flooring: Will you wash it (moisture resistance), there are going to be repaired in the event of breakage, the importance of durability, "heat" (ceramics - cold, and the tree - a warm material)?

Only then can go to the store and

make a purchase, the relevant requirements.Below we describe each type (both made of wood, and of his substitute).

parquet Species

In order to make the right choice, you need to know what happens parquet?And the varieties of flooring are not limited to the manufacture of material and design.

  • Parquet looks like strips, which are interconnected by means of ridges and grooves.It is made of solid wood.The main advantages of release: durability, the possibility of placing any drawings, including art, as it can be repeatedly repaired.
  • Parquet vinyl looks just like a classic, but is made of a homogeneous PVC (quartz, vinyl).Thanks to this coating has good wear resistance, moisture resistance, durability and resistance to aggressive substances.
  • Cork parquet created from natural cork and has a number of advantages: excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, high durability and environmental friendliness.In addition, it is also a very beautiful cover.
  • Ceramic flooring - stoneware tiles imitating parquet (size are almost the same).Sometimes the similarity is so great that you can not distinguish it from the classic "brother."This granite combines both environmental friendliness and high durability.It is the most durable material of all floor coverings.
  • block parquet consists of a plank base size of 2 m2, pasted over with oak parquet.The main advantage of this coating in the simplicity of styling, it is not necessary to think about how to put strips.
  • Laminate flooring , in fact - it is laminated fiberboard or particleboard, which simulates a natural tree.It features good design, moisture resistance, durability and relative ease of installation.
  • Massive board - the same classic wooden parquet, only larger.Suitable for almost any premises, different eco-friendliness, reliability and durability.

Choosing wood flooring

If you do decide to choose this flooring is made of wood, you should know that each tree has its own design features and durability.The most popular - oak, ash, maple, birch, bamboo. Beech transmits a unique and rich picture, well polished and polished, but it is difficult to cut.

Ash stronger than oak, has a clear pattern, well bent, but also badly cut. Maple (American or Russian) consists of a dense wood with small pores.The main disadvantage is the difficulty of polishing. Birch - material medium-hard, but handled well.Plus, it can be painted to simulate and valuable species.

Bamboo has an excellent design, good resistance to abrasion, but it can not scrape.Whichever material you may have picked up, any strips must be treated with varnish for greater durability and protection from moisture.