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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mastics for a parquet as a guarantee of its splendor

The scrubbed parquet or types of modern mastic

Ointment parquet floor a beneficial effect on his appearance.Shiny and clean surface reflects the sun's rays and gives the rainbow mood for the whole day.Today, the most widely used as a polishing of the flooring mastic acquired.It is a special composition containing wax and polymers.When applied to the surface of the flooring mastic forms a protective film, which gives the aesthetic appearance of the coating.Using this tool, you "risk" is regularly heard rave reviews from your guests.

Radivoje's nice to feel the master, but to maintain the "brand" it is necessary to choose the composition of polishes. Thus, answering the question of what scrubbed parquet should be familiar with the available types of mastic.

Firstly, the mastic can be finished or soluble.Ready composition you can see in the store in a package resembling a pipe, sealed at both ends.This ointment is ready for use.Soluble Mastic before direct application requires a series of manipulation

: dry mixture is diluted with hot water and stir.Second, the polishing composition can be colorless or colored.Please note that the colorless compounds form a transparent protective coating on the surface of the floor and colored pastes contain pigments that allow the parquet to give some shade.

Of course, the classification criteria mastics quite a lot, but can be considered as the main classification of the composition.So, today presented to your attention the following mastics:

  • latex;
  • water-soluble;
  • turpentine;
  • wax.

with water-based mastic can rightly be considered universal, as ideally suited for the majority of species of trees that are used for the production of parquet.Moreover, the active substance formulation promotes its most efficient floor cleaning.Today latex sealant is available in liquid, solid or paste form.For use

soluble mastic must, accordingly, dilute it with water.This composition is ideal for polishing oak parquet, as it is this wood is highly resistant to moisture.Of course, experts do not deny the use of this type of mastic coatings and other trees, but in this case the solution must be thicker.

Do not use a water-soluble paste for polishing of birch or beech parquet flooring!These tree species are extremely sensitive to moisture and its effect may lead to undesirable consequences.

turpentine mastic is often called "waterless" because it does not require dilution with water for use.In the sale it comes ready-made.In contrast to water-soluble analogues such Wax polishes parquet is applied to wood that is sensitive to moisture and able to absorb it.For it is possible to carry all of the same beech and birch.The composition of the wax mastic includes a special substance that resembles wax, a number of polymer additives and solvent.This ointment will be the best option, if the subject of your pride is parquet pine, ash, maple and juniper.

Buying wax mastic, be prepared for the fact that it has a specific smell, the presence of which is due to entering into its composition solvent.

Timely application of Wax polishes flooring made of parquet, not only to increase its service life, but also has many other advantages.

Mastics for a parquet, the main advantages of the compositions for polishing

"Look how beautiful I have parquet! No, look what the texture, what color. This beech!".Alternatively, it may be oak, juniper and ash, but the essence remains the same.You, being, of course, a true connoisseur of parquet, enthusiastically explain to friends who visited, what you excellent flooring.It

you and durable and retains heat well and absorbs noise.Dream, not parquet!However, your friends say for themselves the magnificence of it the appearance of the material, its color and texture.That is why you need to carefully take care of the parquet to it for a long time maintained its original appearance.For this purpose and need mastic for rubbing parquet, underscoring that promotes the natural structure of a particular tree species.In addition, the composition for polishing the floor gives an attractive floor covering and fascinating shine.

result of the use of special cements is not only the aesthetic appearance of the floor, but also its effective protection against dirt, dust and normal wear and tear.Obviously, after polishing the parquet with mastic you can not worry about taking care of him, because he will be simple and easy.It is worth noting that you can find a mastic composition, has excellent antibacterial properties easily.With such protection, no germ will not dare "go" of your parquet!

Wax polishes parquet, coating equipment

Features composition of a mastic define some of the nuances in the technique of its application.Thus, the quality and uniformity of the water-soluble coating composition for polishing depends on how well it is mixed.For applying mastic to the floor using a brush moderate hardness.Then the composition is left on the floor surface to dry.As a rule, it is enough for 4-5 hours, after which the remains of mastic removed with a soft cloth.After that, you must leave the coating to dry for another 1.5-2 hours.After this time, another layer of mastic composition.Directly to the ointment can begin after the final drying.

Turpentine mastic parquet also applied twice.Re-application is permitted only after the complete drying of the first layer.Ointment is carried out using special brush to form a thin protective layer.

Water-based compositions are used in dust-free and pre-treated surface of the floor.Approximately 1 hour after application you can start polishing the parquet cloth with a cloth or a special brush poloternoy.

As for wax compositions, it is necessary to prepare in advance to ensure that their consumption is high.The application is carried out using a flat brush or brush on a pre-dust-free flooring.High-quality alignment wax mastic on the floor surface must!This ensures maximum absorption of the deep structure, which increases the wear resistance of the coating.

application technique of water-based formulations is not much different from other techniques.Paul in turn is covered by two layers of mastic, and carefully rubbed with a brush or an ordinary cloth rag.

So now you know what kinds of pastes for your hardwood floor can be found on the building materials market.By purchasing one or another part, you will be assured of a certain result, and the result left no doubt the quality, because you're familiar with the technique of applying all kinds of mastics.