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August 12, 2017 18:07

Repair of the parquet with his own hands at the appearance of scratches , cracks and other " trouble "

How to Repair flooring if there are scratches, cracks or crevices?

In fact, if you notice in the floor small scratches or cracks , it's not so bad, because they can be easily repaired.For this you need the following materials: mastic or putty for wood, putty knife, sandpaper, a tampon, stain or tincture, paint.Repair of flooring planks begin with, obscure small gaps or cracks with putty or filler.

Then the surface should be sanded sandpaper.It is better to choose for this fine-grained paper.In the next phase it is important to paint the place blinded special paint matching color (or stain, tincture).To test the color, start painting with a small eating area noticeable.Making sure that the shade is ideal, you can continue to work.

In some cases, when the scratches are very small, you can paint them with a special structured pencil.If there are deep cracks, it is permissible to use silicone putty.

How is parquet restoration with scratches and cracks - it is clear. But what if there are deep cracks? In this case, they can be repaired a special putty, made his own.To do this, take sawdust and painted in the appropriate color (shade of the floor).After they are dried and mixed with the epoxy resin or lacquer.Next, the resulting mixture carefully sealed all the cracks.In the last step the repair area sanded sandpaper and sandpaper.

Other restoration work

addition to cracks and scratches, can meet and other problems.For example, many consumers are interested in the question - whether parquet restoration is possible if it was filled with water? answer in this case can be only one - the strips which were filled with water, should be changed.Implemented resurfacing flooring in these areas.Those strips that were not touched by the water, you can leave.

If there are areas that squeak , then you need to sort parquet in this place.That is, removed the existing straps on the base composition of the applied binder or adhesive strips are put back.Squeak after that should not be.In the same case, already shattered when the planks and have a cracked appearance , they must be replaced completely new (matching color).

When there vspuchilis place from distortions (irregularities), you can align them scraping device.But when too many irregularities because of the curvature of the base, the flooring is completely eliminated.The surface of the poured leveling screed.Parquet is laid back.

Repair of old parquet using scraping device

When the strap is completely worn out, they decided to restore using a scraping device.This is done using the following technologies:

  • first rattle all riveting, to see if there are voids in any field.If they are, they must be filled with adhesive, using a syringe, or a Drill.
  • Then use disk or tape machines for parquet.This scheme is used the apparatus of motion parallel to the main light source: across, diagonally.
  • hand grinders are used in tight spaces and corners.
  • After Scratching parquet implemented, it must proshpaklevat.And the last stage of its varnished or waxed.

Note!At the finish sanding disc device is used with abrasive wheels grit 120 or 150 microns.

So, if you are careful with their own hands Repair of parquet, video description that is presented on our website, pass quickly and qualitatively.