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August 12, 2017 18:07

Three-way parquet board and other varieties of Interior finishing

few words on the floorboard

Parquet - flooring from wood.Sometimes single layer (massive) and multilayer .Massive is made of solid wood and has a thickness of about 2 cm and a length of about 10 cm. It is the most durable, environmentally friendly and high-quality product.In fact, flooring has the same structure as that of conventional block parquet, but larger sizes.

multilayer made of several layers, typically 3.The bottom is made of pine or spruce plywood, an average of all sorts of planks of wood from conifers.These strips are arranged perpendicular osnovnovaniyu.It made specifically for greater strength.Top cover made of oak, beech, ash and other valuable species.

Depending on the thickness of the upper layer, and is determined by the life of parquet.It is also important to know that from how much wider the layer depends on the ability of the restoration (grinding).For example, a massive thickness is 8.6 mm, while the width of the top layer of the multilayer about 3-4 mm.Thus it is not dif

ficult to conclude that the one-piece solid wood is more durable and can often be restored.

Types of wood flooring in the number of bands

Selection of parquet can be carried out depending on the number of bands.The most popular are: one-, two-, three- and four-lane flooring.Also, there are parquet floors, made in the form of Christmas trees, platting, Dutch design.But consider more in detail the first four.

  • Plank flooring looks like a normal whole cloth, made of solid wood.It has the form of a strip whose width is 137 mm.The cost of it is much higher than other types, since doing it from the wide timber.Also, many manufacturers often release-strip flooring with bevel, filmed at the edges.Wooden boards with beveled to simulate the seams forms a puzzle between the other boards.
  • Two-way consists of 2 rows wide.laying process may be a continuous process or as modules.This type of flooring is perfect for large rooms with a classic style.This coating will give solemnity and wealth decor.
  • Longstrip consists of 3 rows of wood, arranged in parallel.They are made as of the precious wood, but not necessarily wide.Because this option is the cheapest and most affordable.Plus, such a placement strips perfectly simulates a classic parquet floor with pattern "deck".Its width is typically 190-208 mm.Suitable for decoration almost any room.
  • quad made of narrow 4-series.The raw materials are wood residues.This option is not suitable to all rooms.Firstly, the strap is too gaudy look at the general background.Second, the four-lane board does not withstand humidity conditions, which may be in the winter in a country house or other building.

Types floorboard thickness

If you still think, how to choose a floorboard not on the number of lanes, and the number of layers, you should know that the parquet 3-layer boards from different manufacturers can begenerally varying thickness.It depends on what kind of wood used in the manufacturing process.Plus, there are also 4-ply.But it is more important than quantity, and the thickness of each of them.

For example, the topcoat thickness may be 0.4;3 and 4 mm.The best, of course, is 4 mm (thickness does not happen).Firstly, this flooring will last longer and can often be subject to restoration (grinding).Second, the more time a good appearance is provided.The layer thickness of 0.4 mm will not last long and is not recommended for decoration in areas with frequent cross.