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August 12, 2017 18:07

Durable roof : keramoplast and its features

How would you characterize keramoplast?

new building and finishing material keramoplast whose specifications are gradually becoming known to all, got them through a unique combination of raw materials and components used in its manufacture.It features environmental friendliness, there is no asbestos, bitumen, phenols and other carcinogenic ingredients.

composite material made from natural minerals and high-tech artificial components made of synthetics.Found a good combination of these components distinguishes keramoplast and the roof of it.

With high strength of the roof can easily withstand high wind loads and extreme weather conditions, accompanying storms and hurricanes.The unique combination of ingredients gives a high heat and sound insulation of the roof.A sheet with a thickness of about 5 millimeters keramoplast analogous protective properties of pine board 10 mm thick and is completely free from the "drum" effect roof.

It is lightweight, durable, not afraid of exposure to acids, alkalis, and

other corrosive media and similar substances.Mold, mildew, rot and do not threaten the roof of this sheet.Since in the production of paint sheet is carried through the entire thickness, scratches, chips, slices are almost invisible and do not spoil its decorative appearance.

production and applications keramoplasta

Keramoplast whose dimensions are similar to the popular and well-mastered dimensions of roofing material, due to the structure of the surface counteracts the avalanche of snow sliding.The material typically produced in sheets of 2 m2 (square for a tile element - 0.5 m2), and packaged into convenient to transport pallets.As the merits of the application can be called commonality sizes of elements, providing, in case of need, ease of repair damaged areas.

Perhaps, against the backdrop of continuous benefits should be named and his "lack".This is a rather bored look "wave".However, a habitual design is compensated by the richness of colors and shades of color.Colours keramoplastovyh sheets is very diverse and allows you to select from a rich palette.

keramoplast Roofing material has been successfully used for roofing, cladding, fencing with the device (they even tower sheathed in metallurgy).Unique and value for money.High performance that rivals the best quality of roofing materials, in particular, of the same metal, distinguish keramoplast.

How to carry out installation keramoplasta right?

keramoplasta installation on the roof does not require specialized skills, marked by simplicity.The material is easy to cut, cut, drill, nails, and even bend.Mounted on a wooden crate as usual over the slate of asbestos.

manufacturer provides elements that allow the same simple and easy to implement and roof space device.The range of products is not only sheets but also tile - keramoplast retains all of its properties, and in this form.

special set of assembly elements can hide the head self-tapping screws or nails plastic overlays - caps, made in one color palette with sheets or tiles.In this case the manufacturer guarantees that the roof is easily withstand temperature extremes from -60 to +75 ° C, and lasts up to 30 years without loss of consumer qualities, decoration and color.

choose to batten 10 cm wide planks, thickness should be no less than 3 cm. Before installing roofing treat all wooden structures impregnation against mold and dampness.Step crates do in the vicinity of 40 cm, but the first couple of boards should be different from each other in centimeters 25.

Further installation is carried out on an intuitive level, overlapping sheets keramoplasta attach to the crate, starting from the bottom row.On the elements of the first row may have a second, use fasteners need, for example, 30 per sheet, the above can reduce this figure to 20.

is important to remember that in order to protect your home from rain, the roof should have tabs.For optimal keramoplasta are the following figures: the side - 5 cm, at the ends - 10 cm It is a minimal risk that the ends are broken off at any weather cataclysms, and, at the same time, the roof effectively obscures the perimeter of the house..