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August 12, 2017 18:07

Erect the rafters with his hands

Rafters for Shed roofs

Among the types of roofs are most common: single-pitch, gable, hipped and mansard roof.Roof type determines how to do it to the rafters.First, single-slope type, often takes a non-residential or temporary buildings.The system for this roof design complexity is no different.It can be simple stacked boards required section, capable of withstanding the load of the roof, they are often called "naslonnymi" rafters.

if necessary, when a large surface area and span more than five or six meters, the construction of additional support strut-braces are included, with a focus on the middle of the main beam in the high wall.

more complicated in the pent roof is building an entire truss construction with very large spans between supports and surface area.There can be used a special truss supporting farm, complicating the overall structure of the roof frame.

gable roof and rafters suitable

gable roof gable is sometimes called, it is a couple of ramps, forming the top of the so-called

horse.This relatively simple and reliable type, often used for residential homes.These designs are described in the instructions "how to make the rafters with their own hands", often made by developers.The end triangular wall under a gable roof sloping sides called a forceps or gables.

for such roofs is used hanging type trusses, bridging spans lengths.In general, the lower end of two opposite walls rest on and are secured to upper ridge connection.In the simplest cases, this connection is made in the slotted stud or in a half-tree, gives additional strength to the fixture brackets.The same methods for fixing crossbars, attendants, puffs, and so on. It is necessary to take into account and be sure to apply in practice, to make the rafters for the roof with their hands properly.

Hanging rafters for complex types of roofs

Depending on the complexity of the design (which in turn depends on the span width, the weight of roofing material and so on.) Hanging rafters may have only thrust horizontal bar (tightening) orsimple bolt, or represent the whole farm with structural truss leg tightening, bolt and grandmother.

If necessary, a free attic space can be done with the design of bolt, ties, slopes and runs.Such techniques for mansard roofs allow to equip a greater height of the attic space, often used as a dwelling.Obviously, it is important to know how to make these rafters complicated designs, take into account all the factors affecting the strength of the roof and around the house as a whole.

tips how to make the rafters with his hands

Before you make the rafters to the house, you need to select and prepare high-quality materials, fasteners and tools for work.Fasteners frequently carried items, including brackets, clamps, bolts, metal plates and pads of different shapes and so on.

In the case of trusses for the manufacture of wooden boards, they must be first-class material, subjected to forms of antisepsis, preventing a defeat by a fungus or wood borers.Application gnarled, edging and other undesirable types.

defining the slope of the roof, guided by the prevailing weather conditions.So, with frequent and heavy rainfall gradient is better to do more.In practice, the angle may vary up to 60 degrees.Note that the greater the angle, the greater the need for a roof material and the device would be above its ridge.

Determination of the height is the geometric (on a square) or arithmetic (the width of the house and the tables of the relative magnitudes of values) ways.

Counting construction rafters, it is important to make them mate or cuttings, preventing the possibility of splits and destruction of places of conjugation.In addition to the connection to a tooth or thorn (often used at the same time both), attaching collars enhanced or bolted using metal pads.

To ensure the sustainability of such a compound is important to treat the junction materials, prevents corrosion and rot.By choosing the thickness, length guided rafters, weight roofing material, the distance between the beams, the usual location for the winds and the type of weather, etc.

case of insufficient thickness of the timber used in more complex truss structure with additional struts, bolts and other devices.Also the pitch between the rafters is reduced.It is important that each had the same slant of the roof rafters with the installation of all in the same horizontal plane.

To this end, work is being done on flat ground using special templates.It should be remembered that a thorough compliance - a guarantee of durability and long-term service life of such a roof.