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August 12, 2017 18:07

Construction of the roof of metal - accuracy at each stage of the work

characteristics of metal roofing as

Roof metal tile roof usually causes no difficulty and is made in the shortest possible time.The coating is well established in the sector of temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius, in the conditions of the Russian climate can not be overestimated.With a relatively low price of metal is light and durable, fire-and environmentally safe.

However, it is sensitive to corrosive substances, and, if any, in the atmosphere it makes sense to use the metal roofing from copper or aluminum with special coatings.A significant drawback is the prohibition of cutting metal abrasive wheels - under high temperature protective layers burn and intensive corrosion process begins.

Roofing: metal

metal tile roofing technology strongly requires preliminary measurements of the roof - one of its slope must be perfectly flat rectangle.Identify it easy, by measuring the diagonal of each ramp - they must be equal.If necessary, the defect can be corrected by means of battens and fix

ing elements.

It should also be remembered that the minimum allowable angle of slope - 14 degrees.If earlier on the roof had some coverage, it must be removed.And although the roof metal tile decoration is simple, for its high-quality and rapid implementation will require certain tools: screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, marker and long rake.For the cutting of roofing sheets can recommend jigsaw, electric shears or a circular saw.Suit and hand cutting tools.

should be noted that as the roof, metal, instructions for flooring which is shown below, is unmatched.for its assembly works may well be carried out independently.Producing roofing, metal roofing should be carefully protected from mechanical damage, it is completely unacceptable scratching the surface.

How to cover the roof metal tile on their own?

Now consider the step by step instructions, the result of the work on which should be the design of the roof of metal.To protect the insulation from condensation on the rafters from the outside in the horizontal direction are rolled rolls waterproofing sagged 20 cm.

Unrolling starts from the eaves, some cloth laid overlapped with an overlap of 15 cm. The species barrier films there are many, and in order to avoid the errors of their applicationshould read the instructions attached to it.Along the top of the rafters waterproofing nailed bars section 50x50 mm, which are mounted in a horizontal direction boards lathing.Then

plate heater placed between the rafters vraspor, leaving a gap to the film in 20 mm.On the inner surface of the rafters with attached vapor barrier film, and cloth laid overlapped and joined together with adhesive tape.

film material is attached on top of the interior decoration of the room.On crate stacked metal made previously, with the utmost attention should be paid to the internal joints rays (valley).The first sheet should align the end of the roof so as to take away the cornice relatively equal to 40 mm, after which the ridge he secured with screws.

When mounting from right to left the next sheet is laid on the previous lap, and they are bonded to each self-tapping on the crest of a wave.The second sheet is attached in the same way the third, then they are aligned to the eaves.The lower part of the sheet is fastened with screws on the base of the waves through one.The remaining rows of screws are staggered with respect to the lower row.