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August 12, 2017 18:07

Asphalt roofing P- 350 , P- 300 , P- 250 - disassemble properties and value brands

Glassine and its use

Pergamin - the soft rolled roofing material, which is produced by impregnating the paperboard oil bitumen.This material is an alternative to Toll and only-skin, almost out of the market.Soft roofing materials began to be used at the end of the XVII century, then took the paper, and impregnated her with hot tar, but has mastered the technology of production of the bituminous roofing material after the end of the First World War.

Glassine, GOST 2697-83 is used to isolate the heater from moisture, protection from condensation and evaporation of wood materials in contact with concrete bases.It is used as a packaging material for the heavy equipment industry, and especially often with pipe insulation.

It can be used when laying heating pipes, water vapor permeability of glassine slow rusting metal pipes, allowing evaporation of moisture through the micropores of cardboard, in the construction of

the winter baths - for the diversion of the wooden frame of vapor, in the construction of farm buildings - to provide additional protection from the cold and prevent condensationon the insulating sheathing.

Glassine Roofing: properties and characteristics

Benefits include its low cost, the production of it requires a minimum of cost, hence the low price.Unlike tar paper or roofing felt, leather, which is used in the production of carcinogenic tar, this material is more environmentally friendly.Glassine, whose properties are almost independent of temperature variations, will serve for a long time.

The disadvantage is its high flammability.It is well lit, and is even used for kindling of furnaces.Also, it tears easily and has an unpleasant smell.

Glassine, specifications which must meet specific standards required to possess such properties as water resistance, water absorption, vapor barrier, resistance to tensile load flexibility.Its surface should be matte, not to have irregularities, wrinkles, a large number of greasy stains.Folded roll glassine paper should be thick, with smooth ends.

Species: asphalt roofing P-350, P-300, P-250

The following brands: glassine P-250, 300, 350. They differ in view of cardboard, which is impregnated with bitumen, and their properties:

  • glassine P-250:
    • maximum strength under tension - 15 kg;
    • not appear on the surface of water for 10 hours (p = 0,001 MPa);
  • glassine P-300:
    • maximum strength under tension - 22 kg;
    • not appear on the surface of water for 20 hours (p = 0,001 MPa);
  • roofing asphalt U-350:
    • maximum strength in tension - more than 22 kg;
    • water absorption is not more than 20% by weight;
    • at temperatures up to +5 ° C do not appear on the surface of the crack.

Glassine Roofing brand U-350 creates in the roof ventilation system, allowing a heater to "breathe".Due to the properties of the material, moisture is evaporated out, but is not accumulated in the insulation, thus preserving the integrity of the roof insulation.

, need to use the asphalt, the characteristics of which are ideal for this approach to protect your roof, wooden buildings, the foundation of the adverse effects of moisture.Despite the appearance on the market a sufficient number of alternatives, this material remains popular and in demand.