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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of facades - learning approaches and stages of work

functions and types of facade insulation

Facade insulation makes it possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • heat preservation indoors;
  • good sound insulation;
  • low heating costs;
  • prevention of salt deposits on the wall, as well as mold and mildew;
  • increase the durability of the structure.

The following types of facades:

  1. Warming light plasters - consists of three layers: the finishing plaster, insulating material and the reinforcement layer.The disadvantage of this method is the need to prepare solutions and work with them.
  2. Warming kolodtsevoy masonry - also has three layers: the wall itself, insulation and brick.When used in the insulating layer accumulates condensate.
  3. Insulation of ventilated facades - the design has an air layer between the cladding layer and the insulation.It contributes to the rapid conclusion of moisture when it appears in a heater.

Preparation: tools, insulation, steps

work usually use the following materials for facade insulation: polystyrene, extruded

polystyrene plate, glass wool, mineral wool and basalt.The properties of each can talk for a long time, it is better to turn to the articles dedicated to each specific instance.

To produce insulation of facades by the method of warming light plasters, you must purchase and prepare the following tools and building materials: adhesive foam slab foam, primer, reinforcing mesh lath plinth, dowels, umbrellas for heat insulation materials, electric, for the capacity of the solution, a mixing nozzle, generally scraper, roller, trowel.

So, before starting a facade insulation with polyurethane foam or foam, prepare the wall.To do this, remove the dust and dirt, and use putty to remove significant irregularities.Then apply the primer and let it dry.If the surface has a higher absorbency, then prime with it again.Now, on the junction of wall and plinth plinth mounted bracket.

It will support the bottom row of the foam.To do this, drilled holes in the wall, and the strap is fixed with dowels.The main thing is to control its horizontal position.The tank solution is poured glue diluted with water and foam, the proportion is in the instructions.Then a well-stirred with an electric mixer attachment.In this case, it is important to follow the recommendations in the instructions.

Procedure on warming facade

Everything is ready for work, so you can start.First, the mixture is applied to the foam sheet first along the perimeter of a continuous strip, and then in the middle of a bunch of sheet 3-4.The adhesive which is applied on the perimeter is several passes (paths) to the air exit from the middle of the sheet.Plate set the long side on the ground and the bar is pressed tightly to the surface.

Level need to check the horizontality and verticality of the wall plate.Then set a few sheets of foam.When laying the next series of foam to be shifted with respect to the junction of a number, which was previously bonded.Glued boards are fixed parasols for insulation.To this end, through the plates need to drill holes of not less than 40-50 mm and score umbrellas in them.Their hats should sink into the foam sheet.

Generally, using 5 pieces of umbrellas on a single sheet, but to save them can be fixed at the junction plates, then one umbrella captures the two plates at once.But certainly one umbrella should be hammered in the plate center.

Once all foam is already attached to the wall, it is necessary to glue the reinforcing mesh.On the layer of foam is applied to the adhesive strip width of a little more than the width of the grid.Screed glue using rules and spatula.Then put mesh and rolled up roller.Top put another adhesive layer and is equal, as the first.When the glue becomes solid, the surface should be primed.

finished insulation of facades, the video is also possible to look at us, you need to make plastering.First, a preliminary layer is applied, and then - pokryvochny.You can use any type of decorative plastering.