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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wallpaper in the interior

living Design living room

performs many functions:

  • meals.
  • Rest.
  • reception.
  • work.

Accordingly, the design of the room is created and selected appropriate wallpaper.In that case, if the room is involved in several functions (for this it must be large enough) or all at once, it is necessary to create a division in the area (you can not do, but strongly recommended).For each zone creates the necessary atmosphere.Different wallpapers in the interior should be used cautiously, but sometimes you can experiment.

Wallpaper in the interior

In addition, the coating must be combined with the surrounding interior.The color and style should match the surrounding furniture, textiles and decor, located in the room.Large room enjoys dark shades, while small should be light or bright.The dark color narrows the space, creating an atmosphere of comfort even in the great hall.

Selecting wallpaper for the living room

Varieties wallpaper

In what benefit do I choose?For a wide range of really.You can combine, but you need to have some skills and it will be easier to r

efer to specialists.Wallpaper in an interior doing a great job - it hides defects (eg, bumps), and the clearest expression of the selected style, and the way to express themselves.In the modern world trends are changing quickly, but there is a kind of wallpaper, which are always in demand.

  1. strip.These wallpapers for many seem to be boring, but the first impression, as always, is deceptive.When choosing the right interior with them will look just awesome.In addition, the strip can also be used for other purposes - to expand the room - horizontal bar, and for rooms with low ceilings - the vertical.

    Wallpaper with a pattern strip

  2. Wallpaper with hexagons.These were all the rage in the 70s.I come not only for the retro style, but also for the finishing of decorative elements of the room.For example, for vintage cabinet.

    Wallpapers with hexagons

  3. Victorian Wallpaper.They are used for "simple" living where cheap furniture and virtually no decorative elements.They are able to diversify the interior.However, you should choose them carefully - they should fit perfectly into the overall picture, or to win over the whole emphasis, and creates a sense of imbalance Interior.

    Victorian wallpaper

  4. Damask.This type is often referred to as "female," but this is not true.They are able to integrate into a classic design and are versatile in many ways.Used in living room, dining room, dressing room, library and other rooms.They have a large range of colors, so choose the desired color and pattern will be easy.Current trends are such that the glued area of ​​black and white coating of this type.Suitable for large rooms.Designers are advised to use chocolate brown color.The room pasted over them, looks very impressive.

    damask wallpaper

wallpaper in the interior of any room can decorate it and give a truly spectacular appearance.Therefore it is not always necessary to do major repairs apartments for renovation or rooms.Sometimes, simply change the wall covering and buy some decorative elements.