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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design rooms with photo wallpapers

Photo wall in the living room

Many owners allow a big mistake by mounting the TV on the wall with photo wallpapers.This can be done only in case, if the picture is abstract, and it is not desirable to place in the same place at the same time two accent.

Photo wall in the living room

Figure, which is a complete and is information overload is not necessary to close as the integrity of the ideas will be lost.Especially if these wallpapers are an important part of the design, and fully meet the indoor shades.They are suitable for most styles.

  1. Urbanism.Photo Wall Mural urban themes are urban patterns, squares, streets.Suitable for living room hi-tech, urban and loft.You can add some other elements to complement the picture - a living stone finish will be very useful.Upholstered furniture minimalism will look spectacular.Photo Wall Murals urbanism
  2. Glamour.It is a popular destination.Image of movie heroes, stars, pop singers.Living for youth parties and open sociable people.Photo Wall Mural glamor
  3. Country.Mural of this style are different images of rustic motif.Fields, horses
    , landscapes.However, they can be used only in the same direction of the wallpapers
  4. Nature.Figures forests, lakes, parks and everything that is connected with nature.Excellent choice, since these wallpapers are neutral and suitable for any living room.It creates a feeling of freshness and lightness.wallpapers nature
  5. Sea.Sea wallpapers are very diverse pattern of choice.Suitable for styles such as:
    • Provence.
    • Mediterranean.
    • Eco.
    • Sea.

    room design with photo wallpapers of this type allows you to relax and unwind.

    Photo Wall Mural sea

tasks and functions photowall

Also additions of interior design, they solve other problems.This allows their use in large homes, and in small.

  1. expansion of space.If you make a choice in favor of drawings "receding into the distance," the room will be visually larger.Selecting relevant for small spaces, and the figure could be anyone.
  2. Zone.Separation of the room.Very useful for apartments with kitchen-dining room or studio.Due to lack of wall space is drained and needs to be divided into zones.To do this, use different tricks and photographic wallpaper - one of the best options.
  3. Dummy.Drawing is carried out as a real part of the interior - it can be a bookcase, fireplace, door.It is necessary that the picture was very realistic.It will delight the guests.
  4. Contrast.For greater efficiency it is recommended to use a contrasting color.It's enough that the room was made, for example, in bright colors and wallpapers - dark.This approach is considered to be modern, but not suitable for certain styles, so the choice in favor of this decision is best to consult with experts.

Design rooms with photo wallpapers

room design with photo wallpapers - this is not just beautiful, but also practical.In addition, the photographic wallpaper - a good decoration material, so it is a picture and tapestry.They are able to get rid of the wall defects and irregularities.The cost may be different, depending on the wishes of the client.