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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mirror - wardrobe bathroom - photo examples in the interior.

What mirrored wardrobe purchase?

Before proceeding to the description, let's talk about how, in what combinations sold this product.

So mirrors grade bath is varied:

  1. mirror with built-in shelves.
  2. mirror with built-in wardrobe.
  3. Mirror with cupboard and shelves on both sides.
  4. mirror located on the outside of the cabinet
  5. mirror located on the inside of the cabinet.

Before you go to the store to purchase, a sober assessment of the size of your bathroom.If it is a small room in which it is difficult to turn, and then you obviously do not need a large wardrobe mirror.Once again, think of an alternative embodiment - a common figure mirror with shelf.

Wardrobe mirror in the bathroom

No, you still want a locker?Then we have a couple of suggestions.Returning to the species and to view the first and second equipment.

To hide personal hygiene items, suitable for a small room with a narrow mirror cabinet.It will fit most necessary accessories, and takes place it is not too much.

Wardrobe mirror for the bathroom

But for girls, mirror, closet with shelves for b

athroom fit anymore since they can put hair sprays, gels and creams, iewhat are very often open for the sake of this back and forth the door is inconvenient.

Mirror cabinet with shelves

Also, think about the built-in mirror on the door.It looks great, it is relatively little space, but still all this visually enhances the space.

Wardrobe with a mirror on the door

For owners of medium and large bathrooms come up with a lot of designs and types of mirrors.Any size, shape, configuration and color.As they say: "What your heart desires."In this bathroom cabinet can not only decorate the interior, but also radically change the room as a whole.

Pros and cons to using a mirrored cabinet.

Frankly, almost no cons.To them I can include the following nuances:

  1. cleaning.Wipe clean with glass shelves and mirrored surface - not one of the pleasant moments.That locker looked beautiful and elegant, it is necessary at all times to keep order.
  2. dimensions.For small bathrooms can be mirrored wardrobe assistant not as a subject of irritation.So before you buy, think carefully about your decision.
  3. price.Typically, the cost of high-quality cabinets is not $ 50.Therefore, such a thing is able to buy not everyone.
  4. material.If it's chipboard, then get ready for the fact that it will absorb odors means that you keep inside the cabinet.

Mirror cabinet Bathroom

And now the pros:

  1. Beauty.That does not say a great and stylish mirrors have always been in vogue.
  2. functionality.lockers, apart from the original and unusual designs are known for their practicality.When buying them, you will no longer irritate the jars and boxes scattered throughout the bathroom.
  3. Easy installation.Many cabinets assemblies combinations allow installation not only on a wall but also on the floor and in the corner.
  4. backlight.In the mirror-cabinet is not only external, powerful lights, but also internal.With it you can easily find the lost barrette or comb.
  5. mechanism for opening the door.Manufacturers offer three types - hinged, sliding and lifting.It is very convenient, and can not but rejoice.

Choose, buy a mirror, a wardrobe and let you buy pleases many years.

Mirror cabinet Bathroom