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August 12, 2017 18:08

Available as a recommendation to close the pipe plasterboard

choice of material

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Many would agree, modern building hypermarkets abundant amount of choice of building and finishing materials.The classic version is considered the drywall - a special material consisting of a heat-resistant gypsum and paper dense outer shell.It is most appropriate - corresponds to the complete list of sanitary norms and standards for the construction of the pipe duct.Temperature resistance, toughness, ductility to interact with the facing materials, paints - is an incomplete list of advantages for the drywall sheathing tubes.Many people choose fairly popular today plastic is not obvious disadvantages which smooths out even its affordable price.

The free sale of drywall available in common sizes -. 2.5 / 1.5 m Given the size of the pipe to be trim, you need to cut the material.With the help of special tools drywall easily acquire the desired size.Material selection is made, it is available with detailed instructions how to close the pipe plasterboard.To consolidate the knowledge

of the proposed video to create a box for closing pipes plasterboard.

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Walkthrough closing pipe plasterboard

  1. preparatory stage: Pipes, despite their strength, are in need of some care.Being in constant contact with water, they tend to rust and deteriorate as a result.Avoid the embarrassment of the title is possible by grinding and paint them.Only now can proceed directly to the manufacture of the box to close the tube.
  2. Stage measurements: Taking into account the size of the pipes, their height and diameter of the plate should be cut drywall for sewing the part of the wall.
  3. Stage Application: Plasterboard attached to the wall using a special iron frame and conventional screws, sold in any hardware store.
  4. Final stage: After creating a plaster "wall" for the pipes must be smooth all the fixing errors using putty.Spatulas of different sizes to help achieve the desired result.Decorating the walls of plaster can be done thanks to its painting in different shades and textures giving her stylized plastering materials.

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more nuances

important to consider when you close the pipe plasterboard every nuance.Firstly, the pipe must have access, so it is necessary to leave a small opening to control its state.Secondly, it should be carefully build the frame without touching or damaging the pipe itself directly.Third, after the completion of necessary electric gun via eliminate angular gaps.

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In addition to the above, the proposed video, closing the pipe plasterboard.

Wall is ready!Unpleasant interior nuances successfully hidden.The tube is sewn box and no one even guess about its presence.

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