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August 12, 2017 18:08

Choosing a method of warming sewer pipes

material for insulation

When choosing a method for insulation of sewage pipes take into account, first of all, the climatic conditions.If a relatively temperate regions close enough water lightweight insulating material, in the area with large winter frosts comprehensive measures of insulation used.In addition to the climate, to choose the type of warming also affects the way of laying water pipe.When the location of the aqueduct on the ground surface, warming is performed in several layers, and the deadline is waterproofing.

Warming sewage pipes in the ground is possible with the use of reliable and technologically advanced materials to ensure 100% availability of the system.

Choosing a method of warming sewer pipes

Today's market for thermal insulation materials water pipes constantly being improved.We say that the following types:

  • Polyethylene is used in temperate areas and where the soil is frozen for a short distance.Produce the heater in the form of collapsible cylinder, which is covered with water pipes.Such material has a low
    cost and easy to install, it is also water resistant.However, due to a small thickness, it is not recommended for areas with severe winters;

Choosing a method of warming sewer pipes

  • mineral wool or fiberglass has excellent insulating properties and ease of use.Producing this material in the form of individual sheets or rolls and from - for the low price of the insulation, is widely applicable in private homes.However, wool absorbs moisture, and therefore need to cover the top layer of thermal insulation material.
  • for places in the winter there is a deep freezing of the soil, is widely used polypropylene or polystyrene.Such a material for thermal insulation of sewage pipes has excellent characteristics such as moisture resistance and thermal insulation.Industry produces the thermal insulation in the form of ready-made shapes that are simply placed around the pipe.The foam is the most popular and reliable insulation of water pipes, since it does not affect the properties of the humidity or temperature, a very reasonable price;
  • expanded clay - the bulk material, which is simply poured into the duct or trench.He is a good protector from the cold, but when struck by water, these features are lost.Use the product only in a dry place, excluding the penetration of moisture.

Choosing a method of warming sewer pipes

Insulating cable pipes

In areas where there is no possibility of laying sewer water pipe under the ground (for example, if the ground freezes very deep) used a special heating cables that are connected to an electrical source.

principle of such devices is that two parallel conductors covered with a non-conducting material, an electric current passes.Under its influence wires heat up and give off heat in the insulation.

There are two ways of laying of the insulation:

  • inside the sewer pipe;
  • installation by running water or around pipes.

Choosing a method of warming sewer pipes

In addition to the cable system include the sensor that controls the heating temperature and disables the device, in case of its increase above normal.

price for the installation of such a construction is quite high, but it is economically justified in certain circumstances.