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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ceiling wallpaper and wallpaper for the walls for painting - choose the material, color , glue

ceiling wallpaper - domestic or for painting - what is the difference?

have special ceiling wallpaper Among the variety of materials for interior finishes.They are more dense than the wall, and are typically embossed, which helps to hide minor irregularities of the ceiling.Agree, ceiling perfectly aligned better and easier to paint.Roof coverings, presented in our market, are divided into domestic and imported, but it is not the only difference between them.Domestic wallpaper for the ceiling is not recommended to wash and paint, and import default coatings are designed for painting.But, of course, the first time they can be pasted in its original form.

Do not try to buy the cheap!Choose high-quality materials and practical.After ceiling dust accumulates rapidly, and there should be coverage or vinyl (which can be washed), or non-woven (intended for repainting).For example, the German special wallpaper on non-woven basis up to 10 times may be coated with latex paint.

What color to choose?

color of wallpaper on the ceiling is usually chosen or white, or with fine dim pattern.If you have no experience in the salt goose wallpapering, select wallpaper without a clear picture, do not require adjustment.And so you will have is not easy, but if you have customized and drawing, the general result of all repairs can ruin a careless movement.Besides white color, you can always paint over the other, which will be combined with the rest of the trim.

Wallpaper for walls under painting is not necessarily choose white - you can just buy the necessary shade, and give them a different color, as this will bother.This easy redecorating does not take a lot of trouble, if the first time you do the right thing.
Choosing paint is also crucial: paper and non-woven wallpaper can be painted only with solutions of water-based (latex, aqueous dispersion or acrylic paint);suitable for vinyl acrylic latex-based paints.If you can not find the right color, in any case, do not use ordinary enamel - you just mess up your repair!Colera are commercially available in various shades, which are mixed with white paint to achieve the desired shade.In this case, it is important to immediately prepare as much paint the desired color to you it will be enough for the entire area of ​​the wall or ceiling.Check the required amount of coating per square meter of a particular type of wallpaper you can from the instructions for use.

Tips - as easy as glue for wall and ceiling wallpaper under painting

Wallpapering on the wall and ceiling and requires deliberate attitude of certain preparatory work.Therefore, before proceeding with this important stage of repair, we are sure to make a rough plan of action in accordance with the chosen materials.Be sure to take care of the availability of reliable coasters (goats, stairs, tables), gluing process can take you so that the narrow and shaky props, such as a stool, can cause an accident.

First, you need to prepare any surface (cleaned of old coatings, primed and poshtukaturit).In addition, prior to the gluing, experts recommend carefully mark the boundary of the first cloth, to use it on the ceiling level, and on the wall will be enough and plumb on a string.

  • easiest way to glue non-woven wallpaper base.At the same time you have planted less and dirt, and pick them up to the ceiling will be much easier, because they are stuck in a dry form.
  • Do not forget to apply the adhesive to the surface of the wall or ceiling is better locally - on spot gluing with a small margin.
  • Exactly the same technology wallpaper glue cloth and glass fiber - adhesive plaster ceiling or wall only!
  • But sticking vinyl wallpaper requires good impregnation of glue.In addition, they do not like excesses of which may damage the decorative top layer.
  • Paper coatings also require soaking, but not too long (5 - 7 minutes, no more), so they are not torn when climbing up and gluing.

If you selected the materials that require soaking, prepare the location where you will apply the adhesive, it can be a floor, zastlany clear cellophane or paper that is longer than the width of the size of the selected roll.

adhesive must be chosen according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of wallpaper.If not, it is better to take the adhesive for heavy wallpaper, because the lightweight wet glue coatings under its own weight may come off not only from the horizontal but also on vertical surfaces.

If you are not fully confident in their abilities, see video tutorials and start.Remember the folk wisdom: "The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing"!