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August 12, 2017 18:08

Surface waterproofing bathroom - moisture close to the castle

Round Wood banding materials

Consider the most popular waterproofing materials:

  • Rolling Wood banding materials;
  • obmazochnye solutions;
  • bitumen-polymer and bitumen-rubber mastic.

to choose the right materials for the waterproofing of bathrooms, it is necessary to take into account the following factors: features of the surface to be sealed, and the period of work.

roll waterproofing bathroom - materials, based bitumen used.Such sealants are available in two types: self-adhesive, and fusing.To lay the weld gun should be used, therefore, self-adhesive sealants are more popular and easy to install.

Important!Before you start packing sealing roll, you must carefully prepare the surface.

For such material is not permissible unevenness over 2 mm, so the surface must be leveled.The substrate must be dry and treated with bitumen primer.Cloth glued must be very careful while working with easier and faster self-adhesive material.

advantages Okleechnaya roll material is that this method is the most eco

nomical of all existing to date.Thus, in case of shortage of time, with a flat surface, roll sealants - a godsend for waterproofing bathrooms.

of coating materials

Currently obmazochnye waterproofing materials are widely used for the repair of the bathroom, which suggests the presence of advantages over the roll of back-lining fabric.

obmazochnye Liquid compositions have universal properties, which makes it possible to apply them to any surface and use in a room with high humidity.This saves time, since it is not necessary to perform intermediate work, such as the alignment of the surface.

If sealable surface is uneven, and the time for performance of work is not a lot, obmazochnye compounds - ideal for waterproofing in the bathroom.Note that obmazochnye waterproofing materials are more expensive than rolling.

bitumen-polymer and bitumen-rubber mastic

These types of sealants are of coating materials, and they are based on oxidized bitumen used.The composition bitumastic usually added various organic solvents and excipients, which increases due to the elasticity of the coating.

Bituminous mastic is famous for its excellent qualities, which include high adhesion indicators to apply the material literally any surface: concrete, brick, metal, glass, plastic.Also coating made of this composition has a high resistance to external factors, which makes it durable and reliable.

Important!After the application of bituminous sealants required screed.

This ensures good waterproofing coating.It should not be forgotten that in the just-filled screed shrinkage cracks may form, so it is necessary to add a reinforcing polypropylene fiber.Due to its increased abrasion resistance and reliability of the concrete base, as well as reduced risk of cracking.