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August 12, 2017 18:08

Fire doors with glazing - clear protection

What structures are fire doors with glass?

Plain steel, enclosing the room from the fire raging outside - it is nothing more than a myth, for protection against fires requires special design flap.At the same time it should not be put in the usual loops and compose one set with the door frame.The trick is to smoke and flames could be no access gaps.

And this can only be achieved by setting the system of a single blade and perfectly fitted to his frame, regardless of whether the structure is made of any material.But fire doors with glazing are not only steel, but also of wood, aluminum profile and even almost entirely of glass.

tree by its fire resistance is not inferior to the metal, if used special technology.First of all, wood is virtually the entire depth of the structure is impregnated with flame retardants, which in combination with more potent than conventional door frame and panels increased thickness gives quite a decent thermal protection.But that's not all, of such flaps are always a special

kind of seals, which are foaming under high temperature and tightly cover the gap.As for the rest, wooden fire doors are indistinguishable from normal.

Metal doors are box section, with sheet steel sheathe their refractory grades.The rigidity of this design takes on the expense of metal strips, the welded along the perimeter of the box.Between the steel sheets are often invested several sheets of drywall.

insulation is typically created using slabs of mineral wool .Glazing doors in such crashes into a separate unit with its own profile and is rarely more than 25%.A large glass area, up to 80%, is used in the door structures made of aluminum and steel profiles.

What can help block glass hollow?

addition to the entrance to the room, it is useful to protect against fire and windows, for which special glass hollow blocks have been developed.Do not think that we are talking about those blown glass bricks, which brings in the USSR on the students in the schools discouraged his bottle-green.

Modern glass blocks are inserted into the window frames, they differ unusual five-layer structure and high fire resistance.Interestingly, going to the window elements of sheet glass chetyrehmillimetrovogo connected double-sided adhesive tape, ie, are nothing daunting, but their effectiveness in fire is always maximized.

The Russian glass blocks began to be made 10 years ago, and the technology is not yet fully developed, so every product of the domestic industry should be examined for defects subject.But

thereby block insertion into window frames acquire a resistance to high temperatures, if the glasses are used for them are so thin?Everything is very simple.Start with the fact that the heat-resistant glass is used, tempered, can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees without changing the properties.

But, in addition, four of the five sheets of the inner surface of outer chambers glued silicate fireproof composite film, which helps maintain the critical temperature of the glass from direct contact with the flame for 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the block mark.

Fire protection glazing with their hands

Since we remembered school days and bottle glass blocks, let's look at them in terms of fire safety.I must say that the walls of these bricks are really able to for a while to keep the element of fire, giving time owners of the house, which made a fire glazing, at least, to have time to call the fire department, and without the hassle of having met, to leave the house.

With ccording tests such glass blocks are starting to crack after 2 minutes, but not less than 25 minutes pass before the really serious damage. But then the wall of these elements does not fall apart, and will stand by protecting against fire other rooms, for about an hour, until completely melted.

collected block walls using cement slurry, pre-need to prepare the foundation upon which is placed a double strip of roofing, which is laid between the sheets of the reinforcement rods 8 mm for him.Next, apply the first layer of the mixture to start laying.

Between each block of the first row of vertical rods are inserted closer to the outer panels of the future planes.Once the first row is laid, it is necessary to place a new layer of horizontal bars solution in an amount of two pieces, connecting the entire length of the vertical binding wire.

New blocks of the second row have already invested in reinforcing the cell, then again strengthening horizontal metal.To control the spacing between the elements, use spacers crosses, which are extracted at the end of the final grout with a special compound.Coating should be washed off with a soft cloth before curing, so as not to leave scratches on the glass.It is best to use a heat-resistant grout, epoxy for this purpose is not very good.