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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mastic asphalt - "black gold" for waterproofing

Classification and Description Bituminous

Mastic - is quite demanded material.Apply it to the following works:

  • waterproofing of floors, walls, ceilings, toilets, basins, swimming pools;
  • device and repair flat roofs;
  • base primer before fusing roll materials.

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing is divided according to several criteria:

  • cold and hot applications;
  • rigidity and flexibility;
  • by type of binder.

Mastic hot application before using heated to the required temperature.It is applied to the surface in hot form, it forms a seamless coating on cooling.Advantages of the mastic: does not shrink during hardening, after application solidifies within a few minutes, it has a low cost.

Mastic solvent-cold application fully ready for use.The disadvantage of this material is its shrinkage, which occurs as a result of solvent evaporation during solidification.But there are also advantages: no need to warm up before use effectively consumed labor time used for brush and spatula.

Mastic water-based cold application called bitumen emulsion.To obtain and apply modifier emulsifier.The emulsion contains only 50-70% of bitumen.It has the following positive effects: fire-safe, non-toxic, the drying time is less than that of solvent-based pastes can be used inside the premises.

Types mastic asphalt

Rigid waterproofing coating used in areas requiring high chemical resistance.A flexible possess elasticity, they can be used to block a half millimeter cracks in the base.

bitumen-polymer mastic includes in its membership modifiers (polymers), which gives it high elasticity, heat and frost.This also increases the adhesion to the substrate, resistance to stress and increases the durability of the coating.

bituminous mastic comprising crumb rubber that improves the properties of bitumen.It becomes a stretchable, flexible and resistant to the external environment.

All waterproofing materials after the application form a homogeneous, waterproof surface.They have a high vapor permeability and remain flexible at all temperatures.It is also resistant to alkalis, salt solutions and dilute acids.

use mastic asphalt for waterproofing

necessary to prepare the foundation and proper tool before applying the mastic.You will need: brush, broom, roller.First you need to clean the surface from dust, dirt and debris.If there are cracks and irregularities should be leveled and repaired their repair mixes.

Once the foundation has been prepared, the primer is applied.The layer thickness should be 1-2 mm.Primer made of mastic, diluted with water in proportions of 1: 1 and stirred until homogeneous.

After the primer is completely dry and has stabilized, you can put the main waterproofing layer of 2-4 mm thickness.

subsequent layers are applied at intervals of 5 hours as the previous coat must be completely dry.Total need to make 2-3 layers.If

underway roofing works, it is recommended to use fiberglass or fiberglass to create a reinforcing material.It must be recessed into the mastic mass.Run after coating can be completely dry in 12 hours.