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August 12, 2017 18:08

Heat-resistant sealant - increases the reliability of joints

heat-resistant sealant - the main characteristics of

Every day our kitchen appliances, as well as the furniture is exposed to the adverse effects of water, all kinds of liquid and solid products, which leads to its deterioration and premature failure.To avoid all this, during the installation, and repair of hobs, ovens, electric and gas ranges, you need to take care of sealing compounds.

ideal option for solving this problem is the use of special sealants that meet the requirements:

  • heat resistance;
  • durability;
  • ability to seal and glue together various materials.

And this part is - it high temperature silicone sealant .This type is available in paste form, which allows him to not run from vertical surfaces of the substrate.In addition, it has excellent adhesion to a variety of materials that will cure at ambient temperatures, resistant to aggressive substances, maintains the elasticity and the stability at temperatures from -45 ° C to + 270 ° C (with possible transient elevations critical to

+ 350 ° C).

heat-resistant sealant - why it is widespread?

object of our conversation is also used for sealing fireplaces.Fire-resistant sealant - a viscous mass with very high heat resistance.The compositions of this type are typically used in industrial use, but sometimes it is indispensable in everyday life.

The main and most popular type is a heat-resistant silicone sealant, available in the basis of silicone rubber.There are also less popular with the specific field of application of polysulfide, uretatnye and acrylic sealants.

and striking colors of the building material, which is a remarkable diversity.Savings on this kind of sealant is absolutely not suitable, becauseit may depend on the extent of your health, because low-quality sealants may contain harmful chemical components, which under the influence of high temperatures and are released into the air.Therefore it is necessary to pay great attention to the quality of packaging and value of the goods, asquality sealer of this type can not be cheap.

high temperature sealant penetrate even the deepest cracks and gaps, because it is a flowable material with the highest degree of flexibility.It is designed for sealing and bonding of both metallic and non-metallic surfaces, for protection various equipment from moisture and chemical exposure, to fix the piping joints.

Heat-resistant sealant - how to work with him?

Substrate Preparation for application of high-temperature sealant does not differ originality and complexity.The surface must be cleaned of dust, dirt and asphalt.Also, it should be degreased with acetone or another solvent to remove all traces of previous old sealant, if such are present.All other surface protection from contamination, pre-pasted masking tape.

Cut the tip of the cartridge just above the thread, place the cartridge in the gun construction and apply sealant to the surface of the refractory.Pressure must be applied in order to obtain a stronger adhesion.Then smooth out the surface of a wet spatula, remove the masking tape and leave to dry seam for 24 hours.