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August 12, 2017 18:08

Waterproofing under the metal roof and secure their own hands

Waterproofing under the metal - what is it?

Waterproofing roof of metal has long been a real boon for owners of their own homes.After all, this material, which is kind of the substrate beneath tiles, perfectly strengthens the roof and thanks to a special impregnation, not only saves her from leakage and harmful effects of precipitation, but also from the mold with the condensate from which metallic coatings always suffer.

waterproofing under metal roofing depending on the location and operation of the coating film underlay divided into two groups.The first includes materials designed for constant and sufficiently long period of use.Especially highly valued waterproofing membrane film.

So, its two layer reinforced and absorbent, make a beautiful duet: first perfectly protects the surface from rain and snow, the second - absorbs so conducive to condensation and fungi atmospheric moisture, for example, fog, drizzle.As a result, paying a lot of coverage by these materials, you will never regret for

a long time and forget about the fact that there may be some problems with the roof.

second group waterproofing includes significantly cheaper materials, designed for short periods of operation.For example, conventional waterproofing is included in this group is recommended to use only during major repair.After all, it is a conventional plastic layer which is opposed to a direct hit of moisture inside.

In no case can not use the materials on the basis of bitumen!

By type of waterproofing membrane under the metal is divided into classical (with dual-insulation), superdiffuzionnye membrane (with the single-insulated, has a positive effect on the life of the roof insulation) and anti-condensation (with dual-ventilation, fleecy material that absorbs moisture).

Waterproofing for metal - prepare

directly by the laying of the material preceded by a series of preparatory Roofing .All of them require a professional approach, from the consequences of negligence at this stage will not save even a professional waterproofing.

conducted the following actions:

  1. erection truss system, which is traditionally calculated in the design of the roof allowing for the form sheet.All these works are carried out team, preferably in dry warm weather.
  2. Production eaves board in accordance with the gutter hooks embedded in special grooves and fastening the front of the board with the overhang of the roof sheet set to the end of the rafters.
  3. Placing gutter hooks for drainage systems.

Waterproofing roof of metal - laid yourself

The next step is to fit metal waterproofing.The material is fixed so that the passing air flows freely flowed from the eaves to the ridge and passed through the vents installed in most highest point of the roof, and the sealing ridge.

film Stacking occurs in view of the required ventilation and sagged in 2 centimeters between the rafters.This prevents material breaking due to sudden temperature changes.

film rolled out horizontally from the eaves to the ridge, specially insulated duct tape overlap by 1.5 cm. Now the film is by no means impossible to turn to the other side, or the risk of damage to the material appears.

Places overlap fixed to the base of the roof with adhesive tape and staple gun.Now the roof waterproofing is ready, you can proceed to the next stage of the construction of the roof!