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August 12, 2017 18:08

Enamel on metal - select the right protection

enamel on metal - from which it will choose?

this very enamel, there are several kinds, but we are most interested in the so-called universal acrylic enamel .It is sold in any store for a small price.It can also happen polyurethane and alkyd enamel on metal.All of these options are also good.They differ from acrylic paint - and the price of less flexibility.

Alkyd and polyurethane enamel used in a more narrow range, mainly to counter certain negative factors, such as high temperatures and corrosion.Due to the very complex chemical formulas and huge components set their price is higher.Also, it was felt that due to the large number of chemicals are harmful to living organisms.This is not the case, but on the background of acrylic enamel looks much more attractive.That is why our choice and stopped her.

Assessing strengths and weaknesses

The positive features of this material include protection of your parts from corrosion.Using enamel for metal surfaces, you give them a nice glossy look.Y

ou also protects the metal from moisture and other adverse effects for him.

When viewed from the design, the enamel are available in several colors, so that everyone will find something suitable.Finally, they are well maintained, our severe weather conditions.only preparatory work that should be performed before coating can be named among the minuses.

Enamel for metal surfaces - ready to work

For the correct application of enamel on metal, it is necessary to prepare.These events included the old layer of paint peeling.This is done with a knife, sandpaper and solvent.Use the method that best suits your situation.

When rusted metal, then all rust must be removed.This is done by using screwdrivers, grinders and grinding stone or a simple hammer.Again, it all depends on the amount of rust, and the availability of the necessary tools.

obtained hollows and bumps After removing the rust.In this case, before use enamel, ground metal should equalize all imperfections.

process of applying

It is time for the enamel, for this you will need a brush and roller.The first thing you need to dilute the paint material, if it is required.Do this in strict accordance with the instructions.If you bought a ready-made enamel, it is qualitatively stir with a stick or a metal pipe.This is done in order to avoid the appearance of lumps and other unpleasant surprises.

now take in hand roller, Macau it in the enamel and gently evenly applied to the surface.This is done from top to bottom, in the reverse order you do not succeed, because on top of everything will start to drain.Joints in sheet metal, joints and other places difficult to cover the costs with a brush.

hour later, everything will dry up, and it's time to start the second stage of the coating metal with enamel, that is, once again repeat the above steps, using all the same roller and brush.

After drying your hardware is ready for all kinds of tests.Do not pay for something that can easily be done by hand.A few hours of your time, save your money, allowing you to improve the family budget.