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August 12, 2017 18:08

As terracing project becomes profitable ?

terracing - how to use?

to a garden and a vegetable garden with a total area greater than the size of the territory of your site enough to buy the land on a fairly steep slope of the hill.Someone might say that in such circumstances, any plant can not be culture, but do not forget about the terracing. The benefit of it is that in addition to the horizontal benches at your disposal will also vertical plane retaining walls.They may well be adapted for vertical gardening, which can be both from the decorative and of fruit and vegetable crops.But let's not get ahead of the engine, start with the arrangement of the ledges.

Drainage terraces can be arranged so that it accumulates in the pipes poured water into lower ledges, moistening the soil there.

dig site in a slope is not required, so we just remove all the fertile layer.On the contrary, we need to find somewhere suitable for planting the land and bring it to the site in large numbers.Also, we need building materials, the choice will depend on the st

eepness of the slope.If the hill is flat enough, retaining walls can be made of boards or fences.If the slope is very steep, in order to get a large area, high walls need to withstand a large amount of ground pressure.Therefore, we use a natural flagstone or building blocks.

Landscaping site on the slope - create green benches

to our ideas - the higher the wall, the better.But the need for the construction of at least the prepared surface, therefore, still dig at the base of the slope, along its entire length, narrow horizontal platform with a deep in the palm, which laid gravel with sand and pour on top of the concrete.Now make the mortar and begin laying a thickness of half a brick.

reached the desired height of the wall, dig the next platform, so that it laid on the bottom wall of the pole was in a strictly horizontal position, that's a terrace on the side will abut the next wall.When all the support walls are ready, we fill the tanks received land, mixed with humus and fertilizers. If you used for laying deep foundations, preferably on the inside retaining walls to build an underground drainage to bring rain seeps into the soil and irrigation water beyond terraces.

Well, to our vertical surface is not empty, do vertical gardening container, forming, thus, a very peculiar landscape design plot on a hillside.To do this, are building a wooden or metal bars carefully process them, the first of the rot, the second against corrosion, and is attached to the supporting wall at the base of Explosion at a shallow depth in the ground.On lattice hang containers, fill them with earth, and now we are ready to vertical flower beds for planting.

As can be planted with a terrace on the slopes?

ledges on the slope, you can take like a flower garden and a garden, or a garden, with the latter two options, of course, more practical.However, if the use of the support walls for vertical gardening will be taken into service, it can be a complex landscape of the site on a slope.For example, to hold a track along the edge of a plant flowers in the form of ridges or mixborders, and all the rest of the space to allocate to each bench beds and flower and vegetable beds along each leg.Between them is also paving the narrow track, and to have access to crop and weed perform.

planting fruit trees, and on the edge of each ledge, where we will be located a staircase leading down to the bottom, you can plant a tree species with shady canopy (fruit or not - at your discretion) on the two lower terraces.This slope design will create a wonderful view from above.If tree crops planted on the upper terraces of the form will not be none at all, because the dense crown overshadow the entire review.By the way, all of our plants planted giant step pergolas can be connected by installing the supports are not lattice, and filled with earth trough obliquely descending down the same stairs.Planting strawberries on top can, and will turn you are the real hanging gardens.