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August 12, 2017 18:08

Putting a fence of corrugated board in the home.Quick and easy

Profiled fence - materials and characteristics

manufacturing corrugated sheet comes from a variety of metals: stainless steel, copper, aluminum.In a residential area more popular compared to the other is aluminum profiled sheets, because it does not have a large mass, as well as corrosion resistant and inexpensive.Sometimes

elements have no topcoat layer.For external structures, such as fences or roofing, galvanized element is used.Moisture resistant steel sheet intake, and therefore is also a good strength.It costs much more expensive than a sheet of aluminum, but the quality fully justifies the price.

Profiled covered with a polymer coating, also last a long time, eliminating issues with the design of the fence, because the color palette is varied.However, the paint is hard to tolerate high temperatures, causing cut steel sheet only need cold methods.

Fences made of profiled sheet - advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages in this material, here are some of them:

  • trapezoidal sheet durability and strength are well-known advantages, it can last up to half a century;
  • in the construction of its roof can be called an ideal option, because ease of installation, light weight and reduced load on the house - it is a definite plus;
  • galvanized sheet is not affected by atmospheric changes, and is also resistant to mildew and rust;
  • you can be assured of safety in case of fire: the material does not spread the fire and not burn.

However, with such amazing properties, sampling device made of profiled sheet has disadvantages .They are not particularly important, but in the construction of them, it should be remembered, especially before starting the installation of structures made of such material.

  • sheets may form dents.When trapezoidal sheet sizes for sampling small, even by light hitting the defect may occur.Note that if your goal - to build a durable design, the thickness is better not to save;
  • If you create a roof of corrugated sheet, the rain will cause noise arises, which will significantly reduce the level of comfort.This problem can only be solved by using insulating material.

fence made of profiled sheet device - especially installation and operation

Given that the trapezoidal sheet thickness of the fence must meet the design, one of the best design and construction solutions considered fence with brick pillars.Once in the brickwork should be build in mortgages, which will be mounting the doors, gates and longitudinal joists.

Masonry created around metal pipes, we should not forget about the grouting and construction of strip foundation.

steel sheets are characterized by their durability and strength.The polymer coating and galvanizing - reliable protection from fading and corrosion.Manufacturers often apply also to bilateral polymer coating sheets.As the material, corrugated board is attractive with its variety of colors.Under any design created in the territory of trapezoidal sheet for the fence, colors you choose for yourself.If violated protective and decorative layer, it does not bring any trouble to owners, because the dismantling of the damaged area will not take long.

material also reflects quite well the sound frequency and lowers the noise level from the street in a selected area.You can not worry about the wind will break trees in the garden or bring harm, because another bonus - is to protect the area from wind.A popular nowadays becomes trapezoidal sheet for collecting wood, which is often used in suburban areas.To install the required metal poles, longitudinal joists and decking.