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August 12, 2017 18:08

Collapsible monolithic overlapping - mastering the latest technologies

Prefabricated slabs - what is it?

Prefabricated floor slabs are mounted on beams or directly on the walls of the structure, and because of its ease of walls can be made of non-cohesive materials: gas and foam concrete, gas and concrete blocks, bricks, lightweight aggregate blocks, cinder blocks, etc.

Through the use of cellular concrete, the weight of one meter of reinforced concrete beam not exceeding 17 kg, which allows you to stack them without the use of construction equipment, if necessary.Beams are placed on load-bearing walls or arranged on crossbars and after laying clipped directly to the size of the object.

Hollow-ear units in its lower part have grooves, which allows the filling of the space between the beams by hand to expose a flat level surface with concrete poured.Prefabricated inserts overlap with playing the role of permanent formwork, which is poured concrete bonding class M250 and then sealed screeds or manually by shtykovaniya.

It is appropriate to note that 1 m2 of prefabricated

monolithic slab weighs 230-350 kg, while its counterpart monolith - 480-500 kg.

Prefabricated floor slabs - why should adopt?

National slabs significantly reduce labor and installation time Roofing and intermediate floors, eliminating the need to install a removable formwork and support structures, and reinforced concrete beams and light hollow inserts are placed by hand as part of a team of three or four people.

very significant for the construction of a fact in favor of such floors is that there is no need for additional thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as in the creation of leveling screeds.And if you take the above summary, application overlaps this type allows:

  • compared with hollow core slabs to reduce the weight by 30%, as compared to the monolith - all 50%;
  • keep stacking without the use of construction machinery;
  • do without creating a leveling screeds;
  • reduce the cost of overlap by 30-40%;
  • without the use of additional materials to improve heat and sound insulation characteristics of overlap;
  • reduce by one third the time required for installation compared to monoliths;
  • voids in the blocks used for the construction of communications;
  • cover the building of non-traditional forms and bay windows with projections;
  • exclude removable formwork equipment;
  • erect overlap in tight spaces.

How to put prefabricated monolithic slab?

As mentioned above, installation and assembly of prefabricated monolithic slab may well perform three people.Even without special knowledge and skills, but just following the instructions recommendations, they are able to build a permanent formwork, which is then left to fill with concrete.

particular note is that the beam between the concrete slab and the concrete part to be a good grip - in this case only the full overlap has the required characteristics.

Reinforced concrete beams on walls or girders laid in increments of 60 cm. Weight 17 kg meter beam and it allows to carry out work on the installation manually, without the use of construction equipment.The more that the weight of the hollow unit, which is placed manually between two beams is not more than 6 kg.

block is laid on top of the reinforcement mesh 100x100 mm cell with a diameter of 6 mm rebar wire.It should be remembered that the concrete requires quite considerable time to complete solidification and special temperature conditions.