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August 12, 2017 18:08

Interior glass partitions - bright and modern image of your property

Variety designs

Glass partitions are a lot of varieties, and their range allows you to select a partition for every room.Structurally, they have several options:

  • One-, two- and trehrelsovye system (depending on the opening width);
  • Systems Sliding into the wall (requires additional work during installation);
  • Radius partitions;
  • systems with upper suspension, and lower support mechanism.

Due to its design, the partition can be performed frameless, sliding, swinging and pendulum.In addition to living quarters, glass partitions actively installed in offices and shopping centers.According to his concept, they are used where necessary to make the space more open.Such partitions have been successfully used in work areas, boutiques, showrooms, banks, shopping malls and so on.To connect the glass section profile is not necessary to use, as they use the system "butt joint".

Note!The glass is processed by various techniques: toning, patterning jet of sand, photo matting.This allows the owner of premises

to implement all the ideas for the interior.

Interior glass partitions: the pros and cons

glass partition to the room quickly became popular and commonplace.In addition to mounting the raised floor, installing a suspended ceiling or plasterboard wall finish, it has become an element of modern design and repair.This is due to the fact that its design has important advantages.The first of these - the transparency, which makes natural lighting and visually expands the boundaries of the premises, which is especially important for small rooms on the area.The second - is security.This factor is very important, especially when the room is a lot of people.During manufacture the glass is tempered and processed by a special protective film.The third factor is modular, which allows you to change the configuration of the partitions, depending on the needs.

Note!Among other things, glass partitions have good sound insulation.

Despite all the advantages, this design has some drawbacks.So, it is quite expensive, it is still one of the main criteria for the majority of consumers.Material for its manufacture is physically fragile.In addition, the size of tempered glass can not be changed, forcing to think beforehand its location and the exact dimensions of the opening.

What else you need to know?

Interior sliding glass partitions can be made of different properties on a decorative glass.For example, it can be transparent, tinted, frosted, fluted, with application, photo printing, and so on.According to its specifications, this material is ideal for installation in areas with high humidity, because it absolutely is not subject to its influence.With all its qualities, glass partitions are the perfect solution for everything original and bright interior.

they are mounted in a special clamping profile, which is attached to the flow and the floor.And it is the upper part of it keeps most of the load, because it must be very firmly fixed.If there is no opportunity to do this, the main load is transmitted to the lower profile.There are also options for mounting point connectors and special clamps for glass.

Note!Experts recommend to install glass partitions so that the main burden falls on the top profile, as this helps to avoid the "sailing" of the web.