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August 12, 2017 18:08

The foundation on bored piles - promising trend in construction

Bored pile foundations - what is it?

In the excluded negative "satellite" construction technology supports by clogging and immersion vibration of pile structures.Bored method is a well drilled in the ground.Typically, they may be omitted various reinforcing metal skeleton structure, injected directly (or through a pipe betonolitnye) concrete, slurries, polymer blends, etc.

Thus during drilling take into account the nature of the soil.Using special casing enables the creation of supports, as in the dense soil and sand in the quicksand with aquifers.In addition, this type of pile structure is applicable at high loads (vertical and horizontal) on a small area with complex geological conditions (for example, the slope of the threat of landslides).

During drilling screws can be used only for sinking or partitioned casing pipes with special cutting tips.As already mentioned, this is determined by the types of soil, such as the device supports can be carried out on all possible types of them, except perhaps

, only the rock monoliths.

Complex geology is not a hindrance creating these piles for any purpose.Their use is also advisable when re-building of the old buildings, etc.As can be seen, pile foundation of bored piles - just perfect for building on a deep and little compressible soil, it does not require the device fabrication, delivery and storage of prefabricated supports.

No threat of destruction of the buildings standing side by side, there is practically no noise and vibration.Placed on the base below the freezing ground w / w pillars protect the bases from any of his shifts.Given that the finished piles have a significantly higher load capacity, these devices support foundation technologies are allocated an exceptionally high performance and small time to achieve quality results.

foundation on bored piles - soil exploration under construction

beginning of work should be preceded by research to determine the properties of the soil at the site.It is necessary to determine the performance of the method and type of well drilling equipment.This is especially important in the case of work near the foundations of existing buildings.

way, quite often in parallel conducted a study of their condition.In laboratory studies the conditions of sample materials are selected, the corresponding studied soils and providing maximum withstand load.At the same stage, the structural calculation of the required reinforcement supports, their length, broadening the availability of bases, etc.

Only then can begin to build a bored pile foundations.During drilling operations can meet the water-bearing sand layers, for which passage and retention of groundwater pressure is necessary to use an excess of external pressure.

For soils with a strong loosening uses special compacting.Its requirements are met also in the performance of the piles above the aquifer (two meters).

pile foundation of bored piles - particularly work on private construction

Of course, the implementation of such a scope of work for the construction is expensive.The whole complex of measures used in full to perform piles with a diameter up to six and a depth of forty-five meters, iein industrial construction.

In terms construction in the private sector can be used the same principles in the annex to the size and characteristics of housing.Thus, at light loads and shallow water wells freezing can get gasoline or even hand drills.

For greater strength and increase the area of ​​the bottom of the well supports expanding special sliding vanes for the Boers.And the piles should be fine for asbestos-cement pipes from one and a half meters long.If necessary, they are strengthened structures of metal reinforcement.

The resulting concrete is poured the formwork solution.The height of the piles is cut under the level.As the binding element used tape-reinforced foundation or a solid slab of reinforced concrete of the same.