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August 12, 2017 18:08

Why a primer for the walls , and how to use it ?

Primer for walls - what is it for?

Priming floor and walls is not a mandatory procedure.It is only in that case, if you want to create a really high quality and reliable coverage.The primer can significantly improve the adhesive properties of the base, that is, creates a good adhesion surface with further finishing materials, whether wallpaper, paint, putty.Plus, it makes a coating more reliable and of high quality.When

prevents further operation processes such as shedding, cracking, appearance of spots and streaks.Also treated in this way the walls are not afraid of moisture.This is really important advantage.Choose it possible for quite all surfaces (metal, wood, concrete, brick, drywall).Every day, manufacturers produce more high-quality formulations for finishing any reason.

priming the surface - a composition selected for this purpose?

It is clear that for each surface needs its own structure.But still, I want to at least roughly know what types of data are divided mixture, and what are th

e properties of each of them.Thus, priming the walls may be two kinds of compounds - strengthening and adhesive .The first is to strengthen the porous and loose surfaces.Second - for better grip base and finishing decorative coating.

When choosing a mixture is necessary to consider not only the physical parameters of the treated base (friability, porosity) and chemical composition.

In general, primer is divided into the following types: versatile, acrylic, alkyd, mineral, shellac, for metal.The most popular one, it is used for complex work on the decoration of large areas.The second type - acrylic - is used in many cases for the treatment of concrete, asbestos cement, plasterboard, wood, plastered surfaces.

Alkyd composition is also a versatile and well suited for metal, wood and concrete foundations.The mineral is often used for interior decoration when working with plaster and silicate bricks.Shellac is used exclusively for wood.And, finally, a primer composition for metal performs the function of protecting the material against rust, corrosion and oxidation.

Priming the walls with his own hands - master the simple technique

Suppose you need to carry out priming the walls under the wallpaper, but you do not know how to do it.In general, the technique is fairly simple, we describe it below.For work you need the following tools: a tray, brush, roller, bucket.The mixture is prepared according to the recipe described on the packaging.To determine what type of mixture you need, you need to carefully inspect the surface.Move your hand along the old coating.I left white patches on the fingers?So you need a primer of deep penetration.

mixture is applied to the surface evenly.Hard to reach places (eg, angles) is treated with a brush.Consumption of the composition can be quite different and depends on the porosity of the base: the higher it is, the greater the need to blend processing.Primer is applied, usually in two layers.Please allow time for drying of the first.Then, the second cover surface.

Primer walls, video technology, which is on our website, will be held very successfully in compliance with the above recommendations.This work is done, you are ready for further finishing.

Note! Some experts recommend to use the following brands: Knauf, Eurolux, Tikkurila, GLIMS, Jobi.