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August 12, 2017 18:08

Instructions and videos as pokleit wallpaper with your own hands

first step - select the wallpaper and glue

it better to paint the walls or hang wallpaper? And he and the other way for their own good.Everything depends on what is assumed in which rooms the coating application.If it's a bathroom, kitchen and other rooms with high humidity levels, it is better to choose the paint.In that case, when the shift with bedroom, living room, hallway, can be applied to the wallpaper.

before asking questions - how to hang wallpaper on the walls, you need to prepare appropriate materials.First, choose the type of coverage.As you know, there are different types of wallpaper - non-woven, paper, vinyl, textile, bamboo and others.Which one to buy is up to you.But, for example, paper and bamboo are the most environmentally friendly, as made from natural materials.Non-woven and vinyl - the most durable and, moreover, can be painted in any color.

Secondly, it is important to choose the right adhesive.Typically, the packaging of each roll are the most suitable mixtures thereof.But

also there are universal adhesives based on PVA or bactericide.They are used in cases where you do not know which part is better to buy, or by applying the combined wallpaper.Dilute the mixture according to the recipe printed on the pack.

Second Stage - preparing the foundation

Once you have purchased all the necessary materials, the question arises as to glue the wallpaper on the concrete walls and other surfaces.So, there is one common technology.To begin preparing the foundation: it must be perfectly smooth, clean and dry.For this purpose, it is removed past coverage.If the old wallpaper removed is quite difficult, you need to liberally spray the wall with water and scrape them with a spatula.If this does not help, then take a damp cloth and iron over it past the iron cover.

the next step, examine the surface for cracks and irregularities.If they are detected, the base plaster.After applying the composition necessarily have to wait until the surface is dry.If the walls were painted before pasting wallpaper, they are important to a little sanding, ie treat sandpaper (for better adhesion).In some cases, consumers choose the alignment with the help of drywall.

Step Three - sticking

wallpaper Now everything is ready, we learn how to hang wallpaper on the walls.First you need to cut the fabric along the length equal to the height of the room, adding 5 centimeters (shrinkage by applying an adhesive).If anything, the excess can then be cut from the bottom (at baseboards) ordinary office knife.Next, cover the wrong side of wallpaper glue (it is not necessary for all types), fabric folded in half to structure properly absorbed.Leave as approximately minutes 10.

As a result, after this time, the wallpaper should be soft, but not soaked through.Otherwise, they simply can break.

Now we need to spread the wall of the same composition.Then begin to apply the web in a direction away from the window.Paste them from the top down, gradually smoothing with your hands or a cloth to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles on the surface.Also clean rag to squeeze out of the edges of the adhesive.The excess material is cut from the baseboards.

Dries should definitely comply with certain conditions of temperature and humidity.Avoid the appearance of drafts.Cover tightly all doors and windows.The room is a kind of "steam room" should be created.