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August 12, 2017 18:08

Finishing Lining - the path to the beautification of the premises

Finishing Lining and its advantages over other

materials Natural materials have always been popular, it's about as stone and wood.And the last is the most popular due to it coming from the feeling of warmth and comfort, not to mention the wood incomparable flavor.Even concrete or block construction transformed if to sheathe their inside and outside the board.

Among lumber often used are considered to be planed, and that's just this kind of tongue and groove boards and paneling are.It is strong and durable material, which, when correctly performed is finishing for decades, especially after the antiseptic treatment.

Unlike plaster or tile Lining does not require much effort, although its installation - a rather laborious task.Over linings do not require additional cladding, all you need is the screws, nails or staples for mounting .In general, the board - a cozy atmosphere and a healthy environment, a warm touch to the wood is much nicer than the cold stone.

Molded perfectly absorbs and releases moi

sture, thereby adjusting the moisture content of the air space.As for prices, natural granite or marble lining is much more expensive, and even artificial stone cost is slightly higher.The most budget option is pine cladding boards Lining.

Linings Lining: features material

Many materials are suitable for external finishes and internal, but this does not apply to the Lining.The thickness of the decking - 12.5 mm, so the clapboard siding is not possible, because a thin layer of wood from moisture begins to warp, distort, and then as the dry or with a sharp temperature drop and close to cracking.

boards length as a standard - of 2.1, 2.4, 2.55, 2.7 and 3.0 meters, but it does not mean that the entire lining typical, it is divided into three classes: A, B,and C. though formats boards belonging to different classes, absolutely identical, their quality differs markedly.At the same time common standards in Russia does not exist, each manufacturer sorts the battens on the understanding.

If the average output level of sorting, the most common in the Russian lumber market, should begin with the additional classes Extra, lining the surface with such markings should be perfect. Classes A and B may have a small light swirls and spots, and only on the level with a valid loose knots and darkening wood.

Last class of the most attractive in terms of price, and many do not confuse even the appearance of errors of the board.By the way, lining the walls of this quality Lining can be quite aesthetic: loose knots are removed and the holes are filled with foam, which is consistent with the color of bright spots on the bunk second grade.

How is the wall decoration Lining

purpose of interior decoration - a complete transformation of the room.And the good wall decoration Lining - using different methods of installation, or you can visually expand the room, or to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

In the first case the lining is mounted horizontally, and in the second - vertically.And even if you want to perform installation on wooden walls before they make a crate upholstery: horizontal cladding - vertical bars, and vertical - parallel to the floor.

If the board is not long enough for the full series on the wall, to build up the next board better connection "in the Extension", the joint will be stronger.

There are three ways of fastening to the sheathing Lining: screws, klyaymerami (special braces) or nails.Even the fasteners can be driven into the decking differently in the bottom shelf of the groove, and the base of the ridge.Staples is desirable to choose galvanized, humidity in the rooms is high and the probability of corrosion of metal provide better advance.

Nails and screws must also be stainless steel.After the nails or staples are hammered (and the screws are tightened), make sure that they will not interfere with the connection comb / groove between adjacent planks.Lining Boarding House can start as from the floor and from the ceiling, as long as the board is ideally located exactly.