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August 12, 2017 18:08

Precast continuous footing - the best solution for " skorostroya "

best material for precast strip foundation

Modern materials more confidently advancing to the "heel" brick.For example, in the fight for the right to "reign" under the ground it surely beats a relative newcomer in the building - block of reinforced concrete.

We have to thank for such a valuable find ... gardener.In the last century florist Joseph Monier tried to produce pots for your plants from concrete.But the container quickly crumbled and broke down, unable to withstand the pressure of earth and roots, so quick-witted Frenchman strengthened them inside a metal frame.prefabricated foundations device is based on a system of masonry concrete "cubes", as reinforced by internal reinforcement mesh.

Previously w / w units 'sculpted' by hand, but now these products in large quantities to produce special concrete plants.This reduced the price of the cost of the material and the quality of products is guaranteed:

  1. exact recipe concrete solution.
  2. rigorous calculation of wire mesh.
  3. Lube vibropressing mi
  4. 8 hours steaming in a special chamber.
  5. pour "semi-finished" in a room with an ideal microclimate.

Therefore foundation tape of the blocks - the best option among other types of prefabricated soles. Builder released from care to the calculation and installation of reinforcing corset, reinforced concrete masonry does not require additional reinforcement vnutrishovnogo.

Forms w / w for precast strip foundation

blocks the factories producing reinforced concrete products for the needs of all builders.On sale there are special w / w units that simplify the assembly of any type of soles:

  • whole (PBS);
  • with holes for the construction of communications (FB);
  • hollow U-shaped (FSF).

Especially for the device strip foundation for the production of produce:

  • block pillows. This trapezoidal elements, which are designed to increase the bearing surface of the lower base number of tapes in difficult terrain.
  • building blocks.It consumables for increasing the height of the walls of underground standard rectangular shape.For convenience, they are equipped with special recesses for solid masonry to each other.

In the factory stock, a special series w / w units for tape devices and other types of foundations under particularly difficult soils.To enhance their output specifications in the formulation of the solution introduced additives that give the material additional useful properties:

  • frost (below -1000S);
  • neutral to acidic environments.

For rapid construction using large blocks weighing 350-1450 kg, which can be done only lifting equipment.For example, for the device strip foundation melkozaglublennogo enough laying one or two rows of these "giants" with what Mechanized Brigade operating handle just a few hours.

But for samostroya fit "mini-cubes" with linear parameters of 20/20/40 cm and weighing only 30 kg.

How to build a strip foundation made of w / b

Even using blocks in such a perfect building material for its characteristics, it is necessary to think about the future of "security" of the foundation and perform geological exploration area.With its help pinpoint the correct depth bookmarks tapes for secure fastening of the building to the ground.Note that, despite such a strong view, masonry w / w units suffering severe "hydrophobia" due to the presence in the system of connecting joints.Thorough waterproofing strip foundation precast type - required condition of its durability and strength.

now proceed directly to the description of the construction process:

  • Preparation of the construction site. plot is cleared of excess undergrowth, aligned, and the upper soft layer of soil is removed completely (5-8 cm).
  • markup. To properly make a strip foundation with your hands, perform the pre-marking strips on the ground of the future.To do this, use a tape measure, stakes and rope.
  • trenches. Roy them according to the layout so that the depth and width of the tape for future allowance has been provided in the 15-20 cm.
  • laying drainage cushion.At the bottom of the pits poured 15 cm of sand (with obligatory repeated by pouring) and 5 cm of gravel.All the layers carefully tamped, align and pour asphalt grease.
  • Preparation of the solution. for masonry units use a standard sand-cement mortar, which in the process is strictly forbidden to dilute with water.Before use, it should be carefully shoveled to distribute it are heavy particles.The thickness of masonry joints - no more than 8-10 mm.
  • Installing the first row of "pillows". Masonry blocks start with the corners and intersections of load-bearing walls, then pull the rope between these points and put the remaining elements strictly to the level.
  • Masonry tapes. build underground walls is similar to masonry blocks.In operation, to be performed every three rules cutting is not permitted deviation from the horizontal wall by more than 1-1.5 cm.
  • Waterproofing. After the completion of the outer surface of the underground walls must be carefully protected against moisture.As waterproofing tape block foundation usually use a double layer of roofing material, glued overlapped (15 cm) and with bandaging of seams.Then, around the side slit tape is filled with a mixture of sand, soil and gravel.

Precast continuous footing on the average cost for 35-40% more expensive than the monolith, so is justified only in the case when you need to perform the construction in a fairly short period of time.