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August 12, 2017 18:08

Melkozaglublenny strip foundation - it is easier and more profitable to build it ?

When melkozaglublenny can build a strip foundation?

People love this kind of soles received, thanks to the ideal set of useful features:

  • Easy device. depth melkozaglublennogo strip foundation is only 50-70 cm, which allows for a very short time and without special efforts to end the zero cycle works.
  • savings. This is the cheapest base for heavy buildings, as the minimum number of consumables required for the construction of underground bands.
  • reliable support. Despite its compactness, the sole fully cope with the task set before it, that is firmly built house is connected to the ground.

But we must remember that not every site is suitable for the device strip foundation melkozaglublennogo.If the neighbor next favorable conditions for its construction, it does not mean that your piece of land nature has endowed this "winning ticket".For the final diagnosis is carried out geological exploration, and if it is found that in the area:

  • homogeneous sand (rock) soil type;
  • groundwater level below
    the level of soil freezing at least 40-50 cm;

you sure are lucky.Feel free to build melkozaglublenny strip foundations with their own hands and not to worry for the future of the building.

melkozaglublenny How better to build a strip foundation?

most solid and reliable basis is a monolith that, due to the absence of joints in construction, has the longest guarantee "living" life (150 years).But, diy always a problem in the design of this type of foundation, because the right to determine the proper iron "stuffing" for concrete, oh how not easy.The thickness of the valve is proportional to the future load on the system, and you can recognize them just by performing a number of complex mathematical calculations.But even to choose the correct diameter of the metal bars may be mistaken in their knitting.Incorrect "cell" in the reinforcing grid threatens the emergence of a busy area in the basement.Sooner or later, this flaw would violate the integrity of the concrete, and at the bottom there was a crack, which is very painful blow to the "health" of the building land.

you greatly simplify your task, selecting a device melkozaglublennogo rubble concrete strip foundation laying method.And if close to your building extract bottles (river stone), the main building material, and in fact lying underfoot.The main thing is to be able to correctly pick it up:

  • Quarry stone - flat cobbles with approximate dimensions of 20 cm by 30 cm (width / length).All elements of the clutch should be approximately (but not strictly!) Identical.
  • For construction use only whole specimens with no visible cracks.As the stones must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, sand and dirt.
  • Check the quality of the sound, you can boot: hit on it with a hammer, and if you hear a ringing sound is pure, the perfect material in front of you.His strength indicator - 1,000 kg / cm2.
  • have stone rubble concrete masonry no bandaging joints.The main thing is to ensure the free "swimming" in the concrete rubble.

melkozaglublennogo width of the strip foundation is chosen as follows: on each side wall of the house of the future must be a projection of at least 6-8 cm Then boot the desired size is determined by the ratio:.

stone Maximum width = 1/3 of the width of the tape base

Concrete solution for prescription kneaded cement / sand / gravel in the ratio - 1/3/5.The mixture should be "heavy", so choose cement M-400 (M-500), macadam - no larger than 30 mm and medium grain sand.

water is added a little more than the standard monolith filling with the reinforcing cage (where the proportion of cement / water - 1 to 0.68).The mixture should be more liquid, so that the stones could easily dive into it with a "head".

How to build a strip foundation melkozaglublenny of rubble?

zero cycle works traditionally begin: land cleared and deprived of vegetation (5-8 cm).Then make the base layout and dig a trench (with a margin on the tape options in 20 cm).After laying the drainage pads (15 cm + 5 cm of sand gravel), waterproofing and installing formwork, proceed directly to the casting base.

For those who want to build rubble concrete strip foundation with his own hands, offer a description of the proper technique execution melkozaglublennoy masonry:

  • At the bottom of the trench fill 15-cm layer of pure concrete.He fasten the bottom of the masonry, and will not give the cobblestones to push it "the hole."
  • After setting the first seed layer to fill the trench another solution (at the level of 20 cm) and its closely pressed to remove air bubbles.Then immediately begin to lay the stones, half-submerging them in concrete.The distance between adjacent elements of the masonry should be 4-5 cm.
  • again filled with a portion of concrete 20 cm high and repeat the whole process described above.

Such a device melkozaglublennogo foundation with his own hands is particularly advantageous for buildings with a minimum height of the cap (15 cm).The strength of the soles made impressive: it is safely possible to install a two-storey brick house with an attic.Just remember that rubble concrete "afraid" of cold.Careful warming of the blind area, and side surfaces of the base - a must!

Some "artisans" change technology rubble concrete masonry, first setting the stones, and then filling them with concrete.In this sequence of work is high probability of occurrence in the base of the air "pockets", as the bottles will prevent quality "recapture" the working solution.