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August 12, 2017 18:08

Insulation of basement with polystyrene foam or securely protected with their own hands

Warming foundation with their own hands - a bit of useful information

Warming foundation foam (or polystyrene as it is a special case) was very good decision, as the results of audits of fifty years ago the houses, construction of which was used this material, it turned out that hepractically has not changed.This production and consumption of expanded polystyrene increased tenfold, especially in the US and Western Europe.

Extruded polystyrene is a material with a uniform structure of closed cells.It has low density, thereby has excellent thermal insulation properties.At the same time he is very strong and can carry quite heavy loads.

Also polystyrene little damp and successfully resists aggressive chemicals.In addition, the material can withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles without loss of performance properties.It produced mostly in the form of plates.

Insulation of basement with polystyrene foam - why choose this material?

Main advantage basement, insulated with polystyrene foam, is that t

here is no need, in view of the high physical strength and resistance to aggressive environments of the material, to shelter its underground part, which will lead to additional costs.

Also, the material has a low weight and is easy to cut, which facilitates its installation.Among the shortcomings there are only quite a low fire safety, which, however, is much better than other kinds of foam.So when will the foundation insulation, extruded polystyrene is the best material to meet virtually all the technical requirements.

Insulation of basement with polystyrene - from theory to practice

To start the beginning of work, you must first dig the outer part of the foundation to the full depth and make it waterproof stickers by the deposited material using an industrial dryer and mastics.We need the following set of tools: hammer, knife, centrifugal brush, hammer, bubble level.

To produce insulation polystyrene foundation with his hands , you must do the following: start with one of the corners of the foundation, the slabs will be laid from bottom to top with an offset of polplity between rows, like bricks.

At a height approximately equal to the width of the expanded polystyrene plate using level, stretch the twine, through which we will put the first row of insulation.This is necessary to ensure that when laying the next series boards do not diverge relative to each other, that will bring to "no" warming effect.

How to deal with Styrofoam plates?

Next centrifugal brush inflict molten mastic on the foundation of the wall, and then firmly pressed against him polystyrene plates.In the same way we set all plates in the series, looking carefully to ensure that neighboring plate clearly and without gaps connected in a castle.

Combs locks at the junction at the corners cut off, if necessary, fill the joints additionally with foam.

As laying the higher ranks of the underlying start throwing ground for ease of operation, as well as to press the already laid insulation.Plates located below ground level, is pasted only on the mastic to prevent damage to the waterproofing, moreover, they are pressed against the outside of compacted soil.

Insulation is above ground level further strengthened with the help of dowel-nails "umbrellas", which directly through the wall of the foundation hammer drilled holes.Dowel-nails should be driven into the center of the plate, as well as in the joints once the four plates.If all the above actions of the foundation polystyrene insulation does not give you much trouble.