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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wall insulation foam - economically and efficiently prepare for the cold

Wall insulation foam - material characteristics

For some reason, the foam is the most popular building material used for building insulation?This is largely due to its characteristics.In addition, the performance of the product is excellent not only in order to produce foam insulation of walls with his own hands, but also for the insulation of floors, ceilings and other things.Thus, we consider the main characteristics of the foam:

  • material has sufficiently low thermal conductivity of 0,037-0,041 W / mK, which allows the use of thin sheets of this product for insulation.
  • Material is stable over a wide temperature range.For example, a higher threshold temperature index of 180 ° C.
  • highly resistant to external agents, such as sea salt, cement and plaster solutions, water-based paint and other things.
  • foam has high levels of moisture absorption - 0.5-1.5% by volume.This allows us to say with confidence that the polystyrene plates not swell from moisture and dissolves in the air.
  • product allows you to give 100% protection from the appearance on it of fungal formations.It has 100% resistance to decay.
  • Besides thermal insulation properties, the foam has a noise insulation parameters.
  • Easy to install and is light.

Materials for thermal insulation works

Attention!To wall foam insulation technology took place without any delay, you must make sure that you have all the necessary materials and tools.

present you the list of them:

  • foam;
  • primer mixture;
  • special reinforcing mesh;
  • adhesive foam: leader in dry mixes for foamed polystyrene boards with a company Ceresit ;
  • dry mortar;
  • start profile;
  • corners for reinforcement: they represent the corners, on the wings of which are bonded reinforcing mesh;
  • special fasteners for foam (umbrellas) of different lengths.

Let's talk about the toolbox: you must have a drill, drill bits of different diameters, the nozzle on the drill as a mixer, various containers for mortars, putty knife or other tool to apply the plaster, level, stapler, tape measure and brush.In addition, metal obzavedites grater blade and construction.

process of mounting foam on the walls

Before starting the installation polystyrene plates , you must carefully prepare the surface to warm.The first wall is cleaned of stains and fungal raids.Next, the surface carefully aligned, are sealed all the cracks and fissures.Only then you can proceed to the primer.

Once the primer has dried, produced fasteners starting profiles.Their task is not only to eliminate the drift of foam, but also to align the basement of the level of.Attach the starting profile, you must use dowels.If the walls of the house are made of wood, then it can be done by conventional screws.

The next step is the gluing foam on the surface of the wall.Pay attention to the fact that the thickness of the foam for insulation of walls should be at least 5 cm. This will most effectively insulate the room, and to work with such plates is much more convenient.

To you will no longer encounter problems departure boards from the surface of the walls, in the process of installation it is necessary to use the right amount of glue solution.It should not only be applied to the foam itself but also on the surface where the sheet to be glued.All seams are coated with glue and carefully.Mounting plates start from the bottom.

Once the entire surface is glued foam, it is necessary to give him to stand 3-4 days.This will allow the glue to dry completely.Only after this is done with special mounting plates with dowels, which are called "fungus."On one sheet, as a rule, there is a similar fixtures 4-5.After that, a layer of plaster, which is recessed reinforcing mesh.In all corners of the installation made corners.

After complete drying of the plaster, you can proceed to the application of the decor.As it can be putty with subsequent painting.Recently it becomes very relevant plaster bark .In more detail the whole process, you can look at the video of the wall insulation foam.