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August 12, 2017 18:08

Decorative plaster under a rock , as opposed to a dull concrete

Well is put into a decorative stone plaster?

usually stone is associated with something monumental, steadfast, and the closest of the concept - a lump, rock, and suddenly a decorative and at the same time, a stone plaster.What is so special plaster made this?Intrigue?Undoubtedly.But nothing secret in the composition is not - main component of plaster, stone chippings, is a pretty crushed (in the flour) knockdown decorative stone is not valid on any other needs.

Among other decorative plaster under a rock still contains a lot of different ingredients, which makes me think that it invented the one who loved school "pohimichit".Well, really, just because and not remember: Mica - 10% by weight of cement, silica sand, lime paste, marble flour.Right recipe of some sort.And given the presence in the composition of Portland cement, pigments, stone powder - generally Alchemist, with the only difference that the outcome will be pleasing to the eye surface of the wall, not the ruins of the explosion of reagent


But, however, let us return to the finish.You want well very decorative surface with picturesque irregularities, not to be distinguished from the natural rock?There is nothing easier to get such a plaster, stone chippings should be coarse, as much as possible.If you are a supporter of moderation, you will also need Kameshkovo decorative plaster, but with a medium grain crumbs.It is also possible to achieve different degrees of granularity using grout, but the main thing is not to overdo it.If we go further, to a more smooth walls, the chips can not be used at all, come and plaster Stone Flower.

Plastering - imitation stone to full identity

Imagine that you are traveling through the countryside, for example, to get some fresh air away from the city, and suddenly on the hill at 100 meters altitude watch pretty little farm.More precisely estate.Or even, perhaps, a castle in miniature.Well, we can give a definition of a two-story mansion, built of granite, and so that the joints are not visible.As if the house is entirely hewn from the rock.

Match closer and observe that the joints do not form a homogeneous wall stone surface or under the surface of the stone ....And really, it's just made with the help of imitation stone plaster.And it can be distinguished only came close to the building.That's it and finish decorative plaster under a stone to be made to an element of surprise, and even better, so that all of the stone does not distinguish.A joint space "granite slabs" can be artificially reproduced.

Plaster - stone chips sets the style finish

In general, even the construction of the honeycomb blocks can eventually look better than the Greek Zappeion Palace or the same medieval castle.It all depends on what breed stone was put on the chips.Suppose you need a marble ancient Roman villa, with patio, fountain and so on.Well, fountain and patio for him - all this can be achieved easily and in different variations, depending on the genius of the architect.But where to get so much marble to rebuild the villa, as well as the means to this marble to buy?And just here is very useful decorative stone plaster, which is the main component of marble chips, marble powder in addition, of course.

Well medieval castle here at all easy.It is enough to use decorative plaster, stone chippings which includes granite and quartz education, and has been interesting, and most importantly, in warm tones, the walls of the building are taken up at the height of the hefty granite-quartz monolith.Similarly, you can use and volcanic glass, which, however, is quite expensive, and shale rocks to puzzle any geologist who is not lucky enough to come across to your home.

And the best part of a plaster - it is its fragility.No, correct application of decorative stone plaster can stick on the wall surface for years , it is durable and water-resistant, but it is not a real stone, from which the house is built once and for all.Castle of granite slabs can bother to the owner so that he his whole obtyanet obobet cloth and wood, not to see the hateful granite and plaster with granite chips can be once removed and replaced by another version of the imitation stone.It is so cool every three or four years to change the surroundings of their home and live in the manor of ancient Greek, the Spanish mansion.Try it, you'll like.