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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pergolas shaped tube with his hands

shaped tube for gazebos

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Prefab bases of metal profiles are widely used in industrial construction, found a certain spread in the construction of residential and office buildings.But in the private housing construction, especially in its low profile form steel products are used infrequently.The frame of a country house of the shaped tube or channel, formed by professionals - one holiday a canopy of the same material, made with his own hands - is a bold decision.

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Any closed on Foreign stroke hollow article made of metal, having a cross-section other than round, you can safely reckon in this category, respectively, the main options for a total of four:

  • most common square;
  • not inferior to them in terms of the profile in the pipe rectangular distributed load;
  • shaped oval, with an attractive exterior design;
  • flat-oval: specific variation to claim 3.

All the main parameters of profile pipes and requirements that may have to be taken into account when calculating the loads on the frame structur

e, described in IEC 13663-86.From it you can find an assortment of rolled steel pipe, which note is made in six different ways:

  • seamless, made by hot or cold deformation;
  • electrically mechanically flexible;
  • cold-weld with electric welding;
  • welded goryachekalibrovannye etc.

Understand the specifics of the production process much point we do not see.But to see the technical characteristics of profile pipes, even in the regeneration of the frame gazebos, and even more so in the calculation of loads on the supporting structures at home is necessary.

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Scope profiled rolling

We deliberately consider only steel shaped tubes and the possibility of their use is in private housing.Installation work with such a molded product of other metals (aluminum, titanium, copper, etc.) In makeshift conditions are problematic, and the installation of frame structures (greenhouses, garages, sheds) will be reduced to the simple layout of finished products and bolting on the attached to the kitscheme.

work with steel allows to embody their own architectural ideas, or, at least, to realize on the existing drawings frame gazebo (at a certain scope even at home) from profile hire (or a channel) in industrial design.What are the advantages of such construction material:

  • high mechanical strength, resistance to linear and transverse strain;
  • docking elements conventional welding machine;
  • cutting dimensional plots ordinary Bulgarian.

List shortcomings skeletons dwelling house of profile pipes and performance properties of the metal itself, we reduce to the minimum, gradually going to the construction of the gazebo in the summer cottage.

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Mounting arbor of profile pipes with his hands

In the first phase once there is a problem: the material is quite expensive.Price per square profile suitable for the construction of supports 40h40h3 mm size is 100 rubles., And more reliable 50h50h4 sold already for 150 rubles.per meter.The second trouble: the relatively high weight of steel products (compared with the usual wooden laminated veneer lumber), and is the transportation, unloading, installation work.

If such difficulties do not frighten you, feel free to start to draw a plan for future gazebos.The configuration of the buildings, you can choose any (traditional square, polygon, rounded strokes), most importantly, do not forget that all these bizarre forms you will need to implement in the material performance.Facilitate project phase is always ready to help drawings frame already built pavilions of profile pipes, provided free of charge on the web.

little advice : pay special attention to the foundation (the foundation and sill its construction) and sail roof.To make things right - in a lovingly restored the gazebo with a metal frame of profile pipes and qualitatively made skin will relax your grandchildren.

main stages, tools used and the sequence of works on the installation of a skeleton of steel pipes for the pergola on a country site we suggest you to follow the instructions on the video.

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