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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to install pipes for the fence of corrugated board

Dimensions pipes

When ustanovkezabora of corrugated uses, mainly two types of pipes:

  • pipe with a classical circular cross section, or profile, which is set as the vertical supports;
  • truncated square or rectangular cross-section of the pipe, for installation of horizontal lag.

Thus, when installing the fence of the pipes can save considerably by using different pipe thickness.For the pillars acquire more overall pipe compared with thin-walled lags.

How to install pipes for the fence of corrugated board

When mounting the fence, the height of which is greater than 2 m, is used as the pipe racks with a diameter of 80mm, and if the fence is planned to 2 meters and below - 60 mm in diameter.

Due to the high cost, round pipe is very rarely used for fences.Mainly used profile material with the following parameters:

  • 80mm * 60mm - for fences height greater than 2 meters;
  • 60mm * 40mm - for the protection of 2 meters and below.

Towers necessary for installing a fence is calculated according to the perimeter fence.Meters divided by pitch (the distance

between the posts) and get the desired number.Professionals recommend using step 2 meters.The length of the column is taken by 30% more, the proposed height of the fence.This is the size of the part of the pipe, which will assemble under the ground.

used to connect the pillars shaped tube, cut in half, so he fastened to the fence shield it easier than a round.For this purpose, charge pipe with dimensions of 20mm * 40mm, for any height of the fence.When installing a fence up to 2 m between the supports are mounted two logs, and at a great value - three.This is because the corrugated sheet may bend under the action of the wind.Depending on the desired height is calculated and the number of horizontal elements - the perimeter fence is multiplied by two or three.

Installation vertical supports

builders apply four methods for installing the pipe to the fence in the ground:

How to install pipes for the fence of corrugated board

  • can drill to drill a shaft length required to immerse in it a vertical support.To fix the pipe using a concrete solution.The disadvantage of this method is the time it takes to pour concrete;
  • as the application phase, into the prepared trench, it is possible to use pea gravel and fill it in the pipe.Only such resistance will support dubious;
  • may be welded to the end of the drill pipe column with screw blades and the construct into the ground.It is very effective but expensive way to install poles for the fence;
  • support can just put in the ground, only if this technology can damage the outer end of the pipe and the deviation from the vertical column.

height gidrourovnya supports control the distance step - measuring rope which is stretched between the columns.

How to install pipes for the fence of corrugated board

Installing horizontal lag

Mount logs set on the vertical poles are three methods:

  • fixing overlapping - to the vertical support welded or bolted with screws horizontal frame member;
  • installation of butt - welded to the bar joists, forming a T-joint.Such a method is not applicable for round pillars;
  • using cut grooves - in the post make a special groove into which the logs.Fastening elements together is performed by welding.

set of pipes on the fence frame screws fasten corrugated sheets around the perimeter.Installation sheets start from any column and control the height of the panels on the adjacent sheet.

How to install pipes for the fence of corrugated board