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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mineral wool - insulation , born of stone and fire

Volcano, "coughing" ... mineral wool

Many great inventions - it's just a "clone" of the primordial creation of Mother Nature.It happened with the famous mineral wool insulation.In the 20s of the last century in Hawaii he is asleep, then woke up the volcano Kilauela that, in addition to fire and ash, frightened locals rain of fibrous lumps.The superstitious natives were terrified, they firmly believed that the goddess of volcanoes Pele is angry with them and tearing at their hair in a fit of anger.Scientists

very interested in this unusual phenomenon, and they scrutinized the mysterious "strands", generously scattered around the fiery mountain.Unravel the mystery of nature was quite simple: the lava fountain ejected at high speed from the vent, fly away fine spray, which under the influence of strong wind "raspushivalis" and quickly cooled.

On land fell fluffy cotton ball, meltblown, and cobbled together a mineral stone rock.So volcano and prompted the man how to make the most popular and favorite i

n the construction of a natural thermal insulator.

The modern mineral wool production technology is the same principle of "fire and wind", this time with only the highest quality and selected raw material (rock rocks: basalt, diabase, gabbro and others.), Which in the end has further deepened useful qualitiesinsulation.

birth process material occurs so.The huge cast-iron stove, where the temperature is maintained at + 1500 ° C, laying and melt a portion of the mineral stone.Lava flows from the fire bucket and falls directly on the fast moving air stream and blown wheels, which "weave" of its fiber.So gradually accumulate in a separate thick elastic ball of stone wool.

Insulation mineral wool "hits" useful material

  1. Low thermal conductivity ( 0,038 - 0,045 W / K × m ). According to this indicator mineral wool undisputed leader among all the other types of heaters.
  2. Fire. insulator, flame-born, has a unique feature to work quietly even at extreme temperatures (up to + 1000 ° C).Of course, this characteristic depends on the raw material used in production, in which case basaltic mineral wool - the present record.
  3. strength .Despite its softness, insulation is quite robust: Mineral wool refers to "strong men" category that can withstand up to 80 psi.
  4. Security .It is a natural, natural material that does not harm human health.Even the most "pure" types of foam can not compete with mineral wool on the reliability of its reputation.
  5. neutrality. stone is a stone.And there are no microbes, insects or animals, in the menu which includes such a refined "product".That is why the mineral wool can be used without fear for warming the place to be habitat of these human "enemies."
  6. sound absorption. Mineral wool insulation, not only it has in combination is an excellent sound insulator.soundproofing factor in it - 0.95 (at the maximum rate of 1).
  7. variety of forms. material produced as rolls, mats, plates and cylinders, and even cords.That is, the user gets his desired him to variations in order to maximize efficient use of the precious commodity.

All these excellent characteristics inherent to a mineral wool from a reliable manufacturer.Please note that cheap and it is not known where the materials are made "sin" by the presence of impurities in the structure of slag, which deprives them of many useful features listed above.

How insulated house with mineral wool?

material successfully used both for external and internal insulation for the building.The only elements of the design of the house, who never put a "coat" of this type is the base and foundation.And there are good reasons.Insulation mineral wool is very hygroscopic, moisture is drawn into them can not extricate himself from the tenacious "embrace" fibers Moist material dubeet and forever loses its beneficial qualities.

This significant disadvantage necessarily take into account when carrying out insulation works.For full protection of the roll material is hydro and vapor barrier.The first layer protects the mineral wool on the outside "puff", leaving the possibility of free breathing, the second - blocks the flow of vapor in the insulation to the interior of the building.Such a combined scheme keeps the harmony in the system and provides optimal conditions for the work of the insulator.

Especially useful material for extra protection facilities with special microclimate.Thermal insulation inside the walls of the bath is performed only by means of mineral wool as fire resistance, environmental friendliness and safety - the most valuable qualities needed to maintain here the "spirit" of health and cleanliness.