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August 12, 2017 18:08

Rock wool rolls - flexible insulation for different surfaces

mineral wool rolls, it's better than the format in the form of plates?

If aristocrat thinks of a walk down the street like a simple man in the street, it is still possible to find in a crowd on a peculiar luster and even some minor, but still showing signs such as posture and slowness of movement.Similarly allocated mineral wool rolls and to other types of product.

In fact, quite brittle mineral fibers, but not in the case of web embodiment, which embodies many modern technological advances in the treatment of such materials.Due to its flexibility mineral fiber can slide into rolls or turn several times, without prejudice to the integrity of the structure.

Thickness of coiled mineral insulation varies from 50 to 75 millimeters by 10 centimeters - that's the plate.

Depending on the size of the room is insulated and, of course, the purpose of insulation, which can not only be laid on the floor and mounted on the wall, you will choose the appropriate size of the roll easily.Made rolls width 1.2 and 0.6

meters.The length in expanded form in these formats is also different - 10, 8.5 and 8.2 meters or less.

core material is typically glass or specially processed basalt, also acquired under the influence of high temperature fiber structure .Mineral weight can be coated on one or both sides with aluminum foil or glass tissue to create specific properties, in particular enhanced insulation and wind protection.

Where mineral wool rolls?

each format insulation is usually given to a specific purpose, or, most likely, there would be only one type of the mineral insulation for all occasions.That's why choosing a suitable glass format or, preferably, a heat insulator on the basis of basalt, keep all the details of the planned thermal insulation in the head.

Half roll stack better insulation layer 2, since the optimum is the thickness of 100 millimeters, which bedroll usually do not possess .On the walls of mineral wool can be fixed in one layer on top of but it is better to cover the additional insulation, even foam.

Note that the rafters with a certain tilt angle, roll insulator mount is not recommended, it is easy will slip over time, better for roofing use basalt slab, putting them into the space between the rafters, it is possible even in 2 layers for greater warmth within order to fully cover the width of the rafters.

But pipe coil coating is ideal, yes, in fact, for them it is intended in the first place, especially with an aluminum coating.Mineral wool rolls are often used to cover the fireplaces, as well as of larger heating systems.

How to fit mineral wool roll?

It all depends on where you want to put it.On the walls of this material can be fixed with a special glue, it is desirable promazyvat even the joints between the strips of mineral wool.In addition to better adhesive fixing mineral wool roll, as well as plates attached at five points (four and one square in the middle) for each square meter.

For this purpose, the anchor with large washers that prevent mineral wool slip off the fastener, even if we assume that the adhesive will not hold it, then the probability is zero.Logically, among other clamps insulation must be firmly pressed to the wall panels of drywall or paneling.

on the floor and roll insulation is placed on the pre-applied layer of glue, the only difference - no need to use anchors or other hardware, such as wall plugs.When placing two layers of mineral fiber, try not to forget about the chess order, so the joints of the lower layer will be hidden upper rolled out mats.In order to save five fasteners fixing points in this case is more practical to carry out through both layers.