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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of foam and labeling - choose the right !

Classification foam

by the method of production of this material is conventionally divided into two great classes, which have quite different characteristics.First made by high-temperature sintering of the granules.The second involves blending the granules at elevated temperatures with subsequent addition of a special foaming agent, and deducing from the extruder.

First class called bespressovym , it is easy to determine at a glance.Material looks together interlocking balls, something like a beehive.Suffice it to recall the foam, which supplied any appliances (microwave, refrigerator).The second class is called pressovym , because the granules are connected with each other much stronger.It is much harder to break or crumble.Accordingly emit various grades.

Stamps foam

marking foam domestic producers indicated by two letters - SS.If the material bespressovoy then used three letters - PSB.They dash through can further be added other numbers and letters.For example, the PSB-C is self-extinguis

hing foam.So describe the main existing brands, so you can know what kind of foam selected.

  • PSB-S-15 - has a low density and is used to isolate those structures that do not need a special mechanical strength.This type of material insulated the attic, built-up roofing, containers, wagons, filled with the distance between the rafters.It is environmentally safe, is not exposed to any microorganism, has high water resistance.
  • PSB-S-25 - is the most popular and versatile brand.It is used for insulation of walls, floors, facades, loggias. It is not exposed to microorganisms, is environmentally friendly, has a high resistance to aging and moisture.
  • PSB-S-35 - used mostly for insulation of the foundation, underground communications (including parking).Also it is used to prevent swelling in the regeneration of soil pools, sports fields, lawns.Plus, it is ideal for adverse weather conditions.It is biologically safe, has high mechanical strength, resistant to aging, moisture, and development of microorganisms.
  • PSB-S-50 - has the highest density in comparison with all the other brands.It is used in environments where mechanical strength is important.It is used in the construction of roads in the marshy lands, settling floors interfloor overlaps.It is also suitable for floor insulation in barns, garages, industrial zones.Biologically safe material, resistant to aging and moisture.

Types foam

As already mentioned, the material is divided according to the method of production.Conventionally, the following types: polystyrene, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride foams.

first pressed and made bespressovannym way mark described above.The second - polyurethane (PUR), common in everyday life in the form of conventional foam.Third - Polyethylene (PES), have the form of an elastic material, which is wrapped product, so it does not crash (with air pimples film).

Fourth - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), are very similar in appearance to the foam extrusion.Are also very flexible, they have the same properties.Plus, do not have in their composition of highly toxic mixtures and recognized self-extinguishing material.

In fact, there is a greater number of species.If you are interested in some specific material, you should find out the information in the hardware store, where all the directories listed species.