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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mounting foam - the intricacies of the process

used tools and building materials

Before putting the foam, it is recommended to take care of, to have at hand had all the necessary tools, as well as all the necessary construction materials were purchased.Let's start with a list of necessary tools:

  • Hammer or percussion drill, wherein a large capacity;
  • Any knife that you have a well-sharpened.It is designed for cutting the insulation, as well as reinforcing mesh.
  • Stock up spatulas of various sizes.
  • Do not forget the notched trowel.
  • It is advisable to also hammer.

When all the tools are prepared to ensure that the fulfill their direct duties, you can visit the building market or specialty shop, where you have to buy:

  • foam .He realized, as a rule, in sheets, size is 1x1 m.

Attention!The most suitable type of foam material will be 50 millimeters in thickness.Its density should be 25.

  • Fasteners.They are, in principle, called "fungi".They have a long rod with a big hat.Dimensions "fungi" depend on how thick foam.Whatever it was, and foam
    packing technology suggests that "fungus" must go into the wall at a distance of not less than 50 mm.
  • for foam adhesive.In principle, for pasting surface is amiss and the usual mix tiles .But sold and special structures for work with insulation submitted.
  • mesh for reinforcement.It is realized in rolls in which the material is 1 m.To accurately calculate the number of the grid, enough to know how much foam you purchased.For reinforcement foam ideal grid with a cell of 5 mm.
  • Depending on where you will make installation of the foam with your hands, inside or outside, you will need putty for exterior or interior applications, respectively.
  • Primer deep penetration.

thoroughly preparing for the installation

immediately before gluing to produce the foam, you must carefully prepare the surface.Firstly, closed up all the cracks and crevices in the wall.Secondly, if the surface has been painted, the places where the old paint has departed, meticulously stripped.Third, if there are different kinds of projections and depressions, they will also be plastered or scraping.

Immediately after all defects are eliminated, made careful treatment primer surface.This can be done by roller or brush with a big part of the work.After that you are giving the wall to dry.When the optimum temperature is not below 15 degrees Celsius, as well as good ventilation , it will take 3-4 hours.Thus, the preparation is complete, and you can proceed directly to the installation.


mount technology is worth mentioning that the work does not require you to no effort.So, smeared with a notched trowel surface insulation adhesive, you apply it to the insulated surface.For installation was the most high-quality, make sure that the insulation sheet is pressed firmly against the surface.It is even a pat his hand.

When the sheet is bonded, it is necessary to make it mount.As you know, this is done with the help of "fungi" of the appropriate size.If you have to mount the foam to concrete, it can not do without the gun, which the diameter of the rod "fungus" makes a hole into which the fixing element and is exhausted.This happens with every sheet of insulation.

When all the material has taken its rightful place on the surface, you have to make it with the help of reinforcement mesh.To this foam surface puttied appropriate solution into which is recessed and reinforcing mesh.All this business is aligned by applying several layers of filler.

Please note that in the joints of the grid should centimeters by 5 overlap.This will prevent cracking of the joints.Once all the layers are applied and dried.The surface is treated with primer.When it dries, produced finishing work.But that's another story!