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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to glue soundproofing or create your own peace

Installation of sound insulation - a whim or necessity?

Already much has been written and said about the problem of sound insulation urban apartments.In the special dispensation of the situation is somewhat different from the sound insulation, but also far from ideal.Every day on our own apartments falls cacophony, and so sometimes you want to get away from it all on a desert island.But an escape from the real problems is not conducive to resolving the situation.

course, to solve these problems is much easier in the planning stage and construction.But with the current trends in the real estate market, when demand exceeds supply, no one will "bother" with high-quality sound insulation.Why, because the buyer is ready to receive the bare walls, what if the investor additional costs.

The concept of "noise reduction" is necessary to distinguish two important components: sound insulation and sound absorption.Very often the "professionals" who provide services for the design and implementation of noise insu

lation work, confuse these concepts.The term "sound proofing" can be applied only to the design, the essence of it in the reflection of the sound energy.

term "sound absorption" applies to materials and linings are in its sound absorption.Why is everything so signs in detail?To answer the question of how to do sound insulation would be obvious.A well-made noise isolation - this is a reasonable balance between reflection and absorption.This sandwich construction is the most optimal solution.

usually isolate such elements of the building:

  • floors and ceilings;
  • walls (interior walls);
  • utilities;
  • window construction.

reasonable to entrust the installation of sound insulation experienced professionals, aslow-quality approach to this process threatens to turn into additional cash as well as time consuming.

How to glue soundproofing walls

Most often, we annoy the neighbors behind the wall: the after school include a tape recorder, then decide to start a repair, etc.And many times wondered: how to put soundproofing on the walls , not to hear all this bedlam.

In such cases, the best solution would be soundproofing "pieĀ» , consisting of two layers.The first layer will reflect part of the sound energy, and the second to absorb the "remnant".Standard solution - a skeleton with skin lining the walls of SCE.Sound-absorbing material is placed between the wall and the plates of SCE.

very important to choose for these purposes is sound-absorbing material, not the insulation.It is also necessary to isolate the hard elastic gaskets connection wall and the frame, otherwise the sound vibrations will be partially transferred to the casing, and the desired effect is not achieved.

recommends filling soundproof wall construction with mineral wool, cork agglomerate, basalt wool, foam glass, etc.

to work on soundproofing the walls need a hammer, screwdriver, level, screws, pencil and stationery knife.Pre-wall, which will be installed soundproofing carefully examined for cracks and fissures.All found defects are sealed.The surface of the render over a plaster solution, and is held marking the walls.

Measure out the length of the profiles, and set the guide to SCE along the ceiling and floor.These are mounted vertical guide with a step of 60 cm. The space between the profiles is filled with soundproofing material.Top mounted SCE and fixed to the frame on the screws.Step Mount - about 50 cm

also in the market of building materials, there are ready-made sandwich panels with gypsum partition lock systems for soundproofing premises..The advantage of these "ready-made solutions," is the lack of a frame and, as a consequence, hard links.By the walls of the panels are attached using a special vibration-isolated mounting.But even these thin and light panels consume much needed utility area.

How to put a floor and ceiling soundproofing

The reasons for increased audibility through our floors and ceilings experts called hard links in the construction of intermediate floors, a lack of massiveness.One solution to this problem is the technology of "floating floor".Before the implementation of work on acoustic floor you need to prepare the surface and remove all defects.

Technology "floating floor" refers to a device of the concrete screed on separation layer.Under screed laid glass fiber mats, glass fiber, coir mats, cork agglomerate, etc.These materials are insulators impact noise.At this stage, the work is often the question arises: how to glue the sound insulation under the floor screed?

Sound insulation materials to the surface of the floor is not glued and tightly placed against each other.It is important to know that when this technology no screed or floor covering must not touch the walls.To achieve this, before starting work on the installation must be around the perimeter of the room to paste a special sound-absorbing tape to a height of just "pie" of sex.

to work on the floor soundproofing required level, pencil and stationery knife.Creation of the first waterproofing standing is laying the parchment with overlap of 10 cm. The edges of the strips of the plant on the wall.The chosen sound-insulating material is placed back to back, and very tight.Sometimes it is possible flooring second layer of insulating material so that its plates overlap the joints of the first plate.

Further spreading WATERPROOF polymer film, and it is spread prepared solution for screed and aligned.Drying the resulting construct for about 8 days.Frequently asked question - how to paste the soundproofing on the ceiling and get rid of the constant footfall from above?Before working on the sound insulation of the ceiling is necessary to eliminate all gaps and crevices, where available.You can use a variety of sealants.

There are several ways to implement sound insulation ceiling : hem of his SCE by analogy with the walls, use an acoustic ceiling, carry out installation of suspended ceilings to install stretched between the film and the ceilings.